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Manhattan Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

Tailgating in Manhattan sometimes feels like the only way you can drive, but it still carries heavy penalties that you need to know about if you’ve been ticketed for following too closely. Fines, fees, and higher insurance rates are nearly guaranteed, and it’s even possible for your license to be suspended.


The best policy is to fight every single traffic ticket, because eventually you’ll run into one that even an attorney can’t get you out of. To avoid these hassles, speak with a Manhattan tailgating ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We can explain your options and how best to handle your case.

Manhattan Fines and Penalties for Tailgating

The fines for following too closely range from $93 to $543, depending on how many times you’ve been ticketed for tailgating before.


Every traffic violation conviction in New York comes with a set number of points in addition to the fines. For tailgating, four points will be assessed to your license, which can have a number of ramifications, depending on your current point total.


Reaching six points in eighteen months will lead to a three-year annual driver assessment fee of $100, with the addition of $25 for every point over six. Reaching eleven points in eighteen months gets your license suspended until you pay even more fines and fees and take classes to earn it back.


These are some steep penalties to pay for following too closely, especially if you didn’t have a choice in the traffic conditions at the time.

Insurance Rate Increases Are Likely

The points that follow a tailgating ticket will also be recorded and used by your insurance company to alter your premiums. They often have their own point system, and their points for a tailgating ticket might be more than what New York State assesses.


Additionally, the duration that those points stay on your insurance records can also be longer. Insurers typically raise rates for nearly any offense, and this can cost thousands of additional dollars by the time your premiums finally decrease.

Defending Against a Following Too Closely Charge

Tailgating might seem like a tough ticket to beat, but there are defenses available. For example, the officer may have only caught a glimpse of the distance between your vehicles and mistook it for tailgating when it was actually a sudden slowdown of traffic.


Things like this can happen, and while the officer is likely just doing his or her job, you shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s honest mistake. You need to fight any traffic ticket, but especially violations with points as high as what tailgating carries.

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