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Manhattan Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

It’s within your best interests to fight every ticket—including for failing to stop at a stop sign. Figure out the best defense for your situation by working with a Manhattan stop sign ticket lawyer.

In Manhattan, busy traffic and rush hour can easily cause someone to miss a stop sign. It’s far too easy to become distracted by the chaos, especially if traffic is particularly heavy that day. Furthermore, this can make it difficult to be sure that everyone is following traffic laws. And then there are times that you get a stop sign ticket even though you did come to a complete stop.


Unfortunately, these scenarios and many others are exactly why so many residents visit a Manhattan stop sign ticket lawyer throughout the year. If you have received a stop sign ticket, you might have other options available than just accepting and paying the fine.

What’s at Risk After a Stop Sign Violation?

Defending yourself against the ticket in court isn’t just an option—it’s a must. This is especially true if you want to avoid paying expensive fines and the other penalties. To simply sign the ticket and pay it off is to admit guilt at the same time, something that can have long-lasting impact on your bank account, insurance premiums, and ability to drive.

Expensive Fines for Traffic Violations

In Manhattan, the most common punishment for disobeying a stop sign is a fine. Amounts vary dramatically based on your driving history. For example, someone with multiple repeat infractions may have to pay a much higher fee than someone who was caught running a stop sign once during an emergency.


This is just one of the reasons it pays to fight your ticket in court. Clearing your name now can prevent higher penalties and fees if you happen to get a traffic violation in the future.

Possible Jail Time

Manhattan’s legal system does make it possible to jail someone for running a stop sign, especially if there are contributing factors involved. If you disobey a stop sign while driving under the influence, for example, you could receive jail time for both offenses. This is also true if you injure someone in the process. Although jail time isn’t a common penalty for not stopping at a stop sign, it can happen.

Rising Insurance Rates

It is possible for your insurance rates to increase dramatically after a citation for failing to stop at a stop sign. If you rack up more than one violation in a short period of time—less than a year or two—your premiums could skyrocket. This is very difficult to recover from and can sometimes require five or even ten years of safe driving before you see your premiums drop.

Help from a Manhattan Stop Sign Violation Lawyer

Running a stop sign can have many negative effects on your freedom and your wallet. Do it often enough, and you might even find yourself with a suspended license. It is always better to fight a traffic ticket whether you think you’re innocent or guilty. The Law Office of James Medows may be able to get your penalties dropped or dismissed altogether.


If you have received a traffic ticket for not stopping at a stop sign, don’t just accept the ticket. Call or text 917-856-1247 or fill out the form below to set up a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Manhattan stop sign ticket lawyer.

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