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Manhattan Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

A ticket for improper passing can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines and fees, as well as many hours spent dealing with the court system or your insurer.


These aggravations pale in comparison to the full impact of a passing ticket, however. The negative consequences don’t stop with the fine and mailing the signed ticket in.


If you have been cited for an improper lane change, you need to fight the charge to protect yourself from these consequences. Your first call should be to a Manhattan improper passing ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We can help you beat your ticket and get back to your life.

What Counts as Improper Passing?

Improper passing tickets can be handed out for passing without waiting for a safe amount of time, crossing solid centerlines, not moving to the inside lane when a vehicle is pulled over, and not respecting the right-of-way of emergency and government vehicles.


You can also receive this ticket if you change lanes without using a blinker or otherwise pass improperly according to the officer’s discretion.

Unsafe Lane Change Penalties in Manhattan

The penalties for improper passing are fines and three driving points. Almost every state uses a point system to track traffic violations, and New York is no different.


There are two point thresholds that you must be aware of when you’ve been ticketed for improper passing and already have past tickets on your record.


Reaching six points within eighteen months will result in an annual driver assessment fee of $100, plus $25 for each additional point over six. If you reach eleven points in the same amount of time, your license will be suspended and you will face more fines, fees, classes, and other hoops to jump through before you can get it back.


Losing your license is one of the worst possible outcomes for minor traffic violation such as an unsafe lane change. This doesn’t have to happen, however, and we can prevent you from going through it.

Insurance Premium Hikes and Passing Tickets

Another expensive consequence of a passing ticket is that your insurance company will raise your rates. Most insurers have their own point system and often keep points on your record longer than the government does, meaning that your rates may remain high for a very long time.


If you get too many points, they may refuse to renew your coverage and you will be forced to seek out extremely expensive high-risk insurance policies.

Free Consult with a Manhattan Lane Change Ticket Attorney

Your livelihood depends on your ability to drive, and losing your license can seriously hamper that. You need to fight every ticket as though it threatens your license—because it does.


Contacting the Law Office of James Medows is the best way to defend against your improper passing ticket. Call us at 917-856-1247 or fill out the form below to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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