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Manhattan Failure to Yield Ticket Lawyer

You can receive a citation for failing to yield the right-of-way in a number of highly confusing situations, many of which you have no control over. Find out if your ticket can be beaten by consulting with a Manhattan failure to yield ticket lawyer.

It’s incredibly easy to receive a failure to yield ticket in Manhattan. Traffic is congested, especially around Midtown, and pedestrians are everywhere. In many cases, you can be ticketed for failing to yield the right-of-way when there was simply nothing else you could do through no fault of your own.


While it’s tempting to simply pay the ticket and move on, this is a common mistake that you shouldn’t make. Paying a ticket is the same as admitting guilt, and doing so will have very real repercussions. Instead, protect your finances and your driving record by fighting your ticket with help from a Manhattan failure to yield ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.


Penalties for Failing to Yield the Right-of-Way in Manhattan

Admitting guilt for failing to yield will result in a number of penalties, some of them legal and others incidental. Incidental penalties include things like increased insurance premiums and public embarrassment. On the legal side of things, you face all of the following punishments:


  • A fine of at least $105 for your first offense (doubled for the second or subsequent offense)
  • A possible driver responsibility assessment fee
  • Three points on your license


If your failure to yield ticket brings your eighteen-month driving point total to six or more points, you’ll have to pay an annual surcharge of $100 for three years for the privilege of keeping your license. Every point over six adds $25 to the surcharge total.


A failure to yield ticket that brings your eighteen-month point total to eleven or more points will result in the suspension of your drivers license, which will be neither easy nor inexpensive to get reinstated. You never know when you’ll get your next traffic violation—and whether you’ll be able to beat the next one—which is why it’s critical to fight every ticket like it’s the one that will cost you your license.


Defending Against a Failing to Yield Violation

Regardless of how you received your yield violation, your Manhattan failure to yield ticket lawyer will help you explore your options and determine what your best defense is. These are just a few possibilities:


  • Roundabouts – Perhaps the other driver was speeding through the roundabout.
  • Pedestrians and Crosswalks – The pedestrian may have been jaywalking and ran into the street, giving you no time to react.
  • Intersections – The other driver may have disobeyed the traffic light or changed lanes improperly.


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Never accept a traffic violation without first finding out if it can be beaten. You shouldn’t have to pay a fine that you didn’t deserve, and you don’t want to risk losing your license or dealing with surcharges and higher insurance rights.


Contact the Law Office of James Medows for a free, confidential consultation and find out how to get your yield violation reduced or dismissed. Speak with a Manhattan failure to yield ticket lawyer by completing the form on this page or by calling or texting 917-856-1247.

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