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25 Jan Manhattan Traffic Courts and Criminal Courts

Manhattan Traffic Courts and Criminal Courts

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Manhattan, it’s important to know that each precinct has its own set of traffic courts. It’s also very common for police officers and other law enforcement officials to issue traffic tickets. While fines can vary, if you’re found guilty of breaking driving laws, you may be required to pay anywhere from $100 to $400. If your license is taken away due to points on your record (or because of drunk driving), then you will likely have to deal with administrative fees as well. Most people wait until they get home or back to their office after receiving a traffic ticket before looking into hiring an attorney; however, if you take action quickly enough, there may be legal grounds on which your case can be overturned or dismissed entirely.

The majority of traffic tickets and parking citations in Manhattan are handled by two main courts: Midtown Community Court, located at 245 E. 54th St., and Community Court, at 100 Centre St. Both courts resolve infractions issued by both police officers and Department of Sanitation agents. They each offer free legal clinics once a month, where you can speak with an attorney about your case. You’ll need to be prepared with some documentation like a copy of your citation or summons; bring those along on your first visit. The helpful staff can walk you through what you’ll need for future visits if you wish to hire an attorney.

Offenses that are committed on Manhattan island or anywhere under its jurisdiction will be tried at one of three locations: traffic court, criminal court, or family court. If you are issued a traffic summons, your case will be heard at Manhattan’s traffic court on Centre Street and Lafayette Street. Similarly, if you have been charged with any misdemeanor crime or civil infraction (i.e., other than parking violations), your case will be heard by Manhattan’s criminal courts. Additionally, Manhattan has two family courts located at 141 Centre Street and 619 Lexington Avenue for issues such as child custody hearings and child support proceedings.