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Manhattan Speeding Ticket Help

Many Manhattan residents are enjoying a drive, traveling their daily commute, or running errands when the blue and red lights flash behind in their rearview mirrors. Being pulled over can be an embarrassing, upsetting experience, and a speeding ticket can have surprising consequences.

Rather than accepting the penalties, seek out Manhattan speeding ticket help from the lawyers at the Law Office of James Medows. Our attorneys understand that you just want to put this stressful situation behind you. We’ll help you fight your ticket so you don’t have to face the consequences of a moving violation.

Your Penalties

Unfortunately, choosing to accept your speeding ticket and not fight back can hurt you. Speeding tickets can be expensive. Even if you choose to attend driving school to avoid points on your license, you may still face financial penalties.

Points on your license might not hurt you right away, but if you receive more than one ticket, it can affect your legal right to drive. The points on your license for a speeding ticket will depend on how much over the speed limit you were—with the most severe penalty at eleven points.

A few points on your license might not affect you, but let’s say you received eleven points or more in an eighteen-month span. If this happens, your license could be suspended. Because the financial costs and implications for your license are so serious, you’ll need to fight back. If you accept your ticket and pay without disputing the charges, you could face serious and long-lasting penalties for your ticket.  

Defenses for Speeding

How you’ll defend yourself against speeding charges will depend on your situation. You’ll need to speak with an attorney about the circumstances of your stop. The location, speed, and even the time can affect your case.

For example, the officer may have claimed you were pulled over on one street, but you were somewhere else at the time. The other area might have had a higher speed limit, which could mean you weren’t speeding at all.

In other cases, you might have been ticketed by a speed camera in a school zone, a tool New York uses to prevent dangerous driving around children. However, you might have been ticketed during the holidays, on a weekend, or during another time that school is not in session. This might give you the defense you need to get your ticket dismissed.

Reach Out to a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you’re facing a ticket and you’re worried about paying it, you might need Manhattan speeding ticket help. Unfortunately, it can be tough to secure a moving violation dismissal if you’re not familiar with New York’s speeding laws.

That’s where a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help you. The consequences of one speeding ticket might not seem worth the fight in traffic ticket court, but the accumulation of points on your driving record can upend your life. Avoid the serious consequences of the violation by reaching out for help.

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