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Lower East Side Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Getting a traffic ticket isn’t fun. Whether it’s for running a red light or failing to yield at an intersection, being pulled over by the police for a traffic violation is stressful and can cause you to accumulate points on your license. The truth is that even the best drivers occasionally become distracted or find themselves receiving a ticket.

Whether you’re certain you’re at fault or know that you’re innocent, how you handle the process immediately after you receive a traffic ticket will largely determine the outcome.

If you receive a ticket, your first step should be to contact a Lower East Side traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We can help you determine whether you are at fault and whether you should fight the ticket in court.


Common Tickets in the Lower East Side Area

New York traffic laws are extensive and allow for a surprising number of different types of tickets and fines. It is possible to find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket for a variety of traffic-related offenses, but some tickets are more common than others.

Listed below are just a few of the citations a Lower East Side traffic violation lawyer from our office will be familiar with:

Most drivers avoid these behaviors, but in some cases, signage may not be clear or lights may be faulty. In these instances, it may be possible to prove that you were not at fault. In any event, you may have other options than just accepting the ticket, so make certain to discuss your case with a Lower East Side traffic ticket lawyer.


Lower East Side Traffic Ticket Fines

In the Lower East Side, tickets for these offenses can run anywhere from as little as $43 for a reduced parking ticket to as much as $1,000 or more for certain other offenses. Fines are determined based on many different factors, including previously accumulated points, whether you were in a school district when the offense occurred, and what type of vehicle you were driving.

The nature of your license—including a learner’s permit—may also play a role in your fine. This is just one of the many reasons it’s important to fight your traffic ticket in court. Even if you are judged guilty, a Lower East Side traffic ticket lawyer may be able to have your ticket reduced or thrown out altogether.


Talk to a Lower East Side Traffic Violation Lawyer

Although a traffic ticket might seem trivial, traffic violations can cause you more problems than you might think. Fortunately, you may have other options that an experienced Lower East Side traffic ticket lawyer can help you with.

If you have received a traffic ticket in the Lower East Side area, the Law Office of James Medows has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome it. Don’t just accept your traffic ticket and its consequences. Instead, contact us by calling 917-856-1247. Alternatively, you can also fill out the form at the bottom to have someone from our office contact you.

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