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Lower East Side Speeding Ticket Lawyer

You’re rushing to work when suddenly you’re pulled over by the police. Instead of driving the speed limit, you were going ten miles per hour over it, and now you’ve received a speeding ticket with a hefty fine. If this situation is familiar to you, you aren’t alone.

Every year, thousands of New Yorkers find themselves on the receiving end of speeding tickets. Most people simply pay the ticket without ever questioning it, assuming that they would have little to no chance of winning if they were to take the matter to court. Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

If you were ticketed for speeding, a Lower East Side speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can guide you through the process of challenging your speeding ticket. Beat your ticket, and don’t let points accumulate on your license.


Roads and Intersections Known for Speeding Violations

While speeding occurs all throughout the Lower East Side every day, certain roads and intersections are particularly prone to seeing speeding drivers. Looking at statistics allows you to be aware of which roads you should be particularly mindful of the speed limit while driving on.

These roads and intersections are as follows:

  • Delancey and Essex intersection
  • First, Second, and Third Avenue intersection
  • First Avenue and Allen Street

Other roads with a high number of speeding incidences include FDR Drive and Canal Street. Although you should strive to be cautious and drive the speed limit on all roads, it is wise to be especially aware of your surroundings when driving in these areas. If you do get a ticket, a Lower East Side speeding ticket lawyer from our office will be able to help you.


Why You Should Always Fight Your Ticket

Many drivers think that only two options exist when they get ticketed: pay it or dispute it. The truth is that taking a ticket to court—even if you are definitely at fault—can save you a substantial amount of money even if you don’t get your ticket dismissed. This is especially true of speeding, as there may be some doubt as to exactly how fast you were driving.

For example, if you are ticketed for driving ten miles per hour over the speed limit, and the officer did not confirm your speed by radar, a Lower East Side speeding ticket lawyer can argue that there is functionally no proof that you were driving that fast.

Even if the speed was confirmed by radar, reasonable doubt may be enough to dismiss your ticket. Speeding tickets might seem minor to some, but a ticket of any kind can cause you a great deal of problems. From expensive fines to increased insurance rates to a suspended license, it’s always worth your while to at least explore your options.


A Lower East Side Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Fight Your Ticket

Speeding tickets have the potential to negatively affect many areas of your life. It is always within your best interests to fight a ticket and not simply accept the penalties and consequences. To get the best possible outcome, you need an experienced Lower East Side speeding ticket lawyer working on your case.

You may be able to fight your speeding ticket and get a better outcome. Contact the Law Office of James Medows by completing the form at the bottom of this page or by calling or texting us at 917-856-1247.

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