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26 Jan Long-Term Impact of a DWI Conviction

New York State aggressively prosecutes DWI cases. If you have been charged with drunk driving, you could be facing jail time as well as fines and points on your license. However, this conviction can affect not only your driving record, but also many aspects of your personal life as well.


Damage to Your Reputation

Along with the legal repercussions, a DWI conviction can compromise public perceptions of who you are. Your friends and family may start to think you’re a reckless person or suspect that you have a drinking problem. College admissions officers and job recruiters might view you as a risky proposition. Having two equal candidates, they would likely choose the one with the clean record.

If you already have a job that involves driving, the rates that your employer pays to keep you covered can shoot up. If you have kids, you might be scrutinized about whether you should be driving them around. Add all of that to the inconvenience of having your independence hampered by a lost license, and it is clear why you should avoid a DWI conviction at all costs.


A Threat to Your License and Finances

When convicted of DWI, there is the threat of losing your license altogether depending on the severity of your case. Even if this particular incident is not severe enough to cause that, if you have prior offenses on your license, this one might put you over the edge.

Similarly, even if you avoid further DWI charges in the future, this instance puts you at risk if other driving infractions add up later. Financially, your insurance rates will increase, and you’ll have to pay those for years to come, along with any fines incurred by the drunk driving charge.


Fighting a DWI Charge

In our modern Internet age, a DWI can stick with you indefinitely. This information is publicly searchable, and even if someone doesn’t know how to look up your conviction, a multitude of websites offer dirt on all of us for profit. No one will know your side of the story if this is the one time that you overindulged, or if you really don’t know how you tested as over the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC).

In New York, there is also a traffic infraction called a DWAI (driving while ability impaired by alcohol), where your BAC is in the range between .05 and .07. You can be charged with this if the officer feels that your driving has been impaired, but it is punishable with a lesser charge. In some DWI defense cases, a DWI charge can be argued down to this if the case can’t be thrown out altogether. Since a DWAI is an infraction rather than a crime or felony, fines and the impact on your insurance will be less severe.


New York City DWI Defense Attorney

These are just a few of the reasons why fighting a DWI charge is essential for keeping your driving reputation as clean as possible. Contact the Law Office of James Medows to find out how we can help. Attorney Medows has a unique focus on traffic cases and is known for being extremely adept at getting clients’ charges reduced or dropped.

Our firm has years of experience spotting weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument and finding a way to get you a second chance. To schedule your free and confidential case evaluation, call or text 917-856-1247 or complete the form on this page.