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Long Island Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

If you’re pulled over for tailgating, you don’t have to accept your ticket and the penalties without a fight. Reach out for help from your Long Island attorney for the help you need.

Being pulled over is frustrating. When it’s for something that might feel as small as following someone too closely, it can feel even more frustrating. As serious as the long-term consequences can be, you may need to act now to get your ticket dismissed and avoid those penalties. 

Fortunately, that’s where your Long Island tailgating ticket lawyer can step in. At the Law Office of James Medows, we know the short- and long-term consequences of a tailgating ticket and we’ll work diligently to get your violation reduced or dismissed. 

Tailgating Penalties

Many people don’t think about the costs of tailgating. However, a police officer sees a driver following too closely as a potential accident. Because tailgating could easily cause an accident, the penalties may be more severe than you might expect. 

For a first offense, your fines could be more than $200, which can affect your finances. If you can’t pay the fine, you might face further action for the ticket. Even the fines of accepting your traffic ticket and pleading guilty, then, can leave you struggling to recover. Unfortunately, the consequences you’ll be facing if you choose not to dispute your ticket can be worse over time. 

Long-Term Consequences of a Long Island Ticket 

When you’re pulled over for tailgating, your insurance company will take note. A tailgating conviction will go on your driving record, which your insurer will see. If you don’t dispute your traffic ticket, that can mean a higher insurance rate. That affects your long-term insurance coverage, which can make it difficult or even impossible to maintain coverage at your current raters with your current insurance company. 

The driving points can affect your future, as well. If this is your first offense, four points on your license might not seem like much. You might not initially see any effects for your case. However, if your points have added up, you could eventually face a license suspension

If you receive eleven points in eighteen months on your license, your license will be suspended. That means, on top of all your other costs, you’re also unable to drive until your license is restored. That can be frustrating, expensive, and embarrassing, so it’s best to fight back now for your case. 

Talk to a Tailgating Ticket Lawyer in Long Island

If you’re pulled over for tailgating, it’s important to reach out for your case as soon as possible. Your ticket could be costly in many ways, which can leave you struggling for months or years after the fact. A lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help. 

If you’re struggling with your case, having a lawyer on your side can help protect your future. You don’t want to deal with these severe consequences, and fortunately, you don’t have to. Instead, reach out to your attorney for the help you need. 

To get started with a consult about your traffic ticket, reach out to a Long Island tailgating ticket lawyer. We can be reached by calling 917-477-4749, or you can fill out the online form below to talk to your attorney about disputing your ticket. 

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