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Long Island Red Light Ticket Lawyer

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Long Island Red Light Ticket Lawyer

Dealing with a red light ticket can take time and money to settle, which is time and money you may not have. Fortunately, a Long Island attorney can help you fight back to get your ticket dismissed.

Many of us have sped up a little to make it through a yellow light. Unfortunately, you might have seen flashing lights, too, immediately after. That means you may be facing an expensive ticket and other penalties for the offense.

However, you may believe that you shouldn’t be facing that ticket. If you’re worried about your traffic ticket, reach out to a Long Island red light ticket lawyer for help. The attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows can review your case and work to help you get that ticket dismissed.  

Penalties for Red Light Violations

Unfortunately, a red light ticket can come with serious penalties. Failure to follow a traffic signal can first be expensive, between the fines you’ll need to pay and the effect on your insurance rates. Worse, disobeying a traffic signal will also put three points on your license, which may lead to a license suspension.

If you receive more than eleven points in an eighteen-month span, you could lose your license, which means you’ll need to rely on others, not on your car, to get to work, school, or just the grocery store. That only adds to the financial costs of accepting your ticket and moving on, so instead, prepare a strong defense for your Long Island red light ticket.

Fighting Back with Help from an Attorney

When preparing to fight your ticket, your Long Island lawyer will first review the incident that led to your ticket. This will help them determine whether your defense should focus on officer error or other factors, like duress. For example, you might have gone through the red light to avoid a rear-end collision. The light was in the process of changing and had just turned red, but the officer still pulled you over.

Keep in mind that you can still fight your ticket, even if it was issued by a red light camera. If you believe you weren’t guilty or otherwise shouldn’t have to pay for the ticket, you’ll have thirty days to dispute the red light camera ticket.

Seek Out a Lawyer for Your Long Island Red Light Ticket

It’s unfortunate, but fighting a ticket for running a red light can be tough. You’ll need to find the best defense for you so that you don’t have to face the steep penalties. Fortunately, you’ll have the chance to fight back with help.

A lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side can help you prepare for your case and fight your red light ticket. Take advantage of our free consultations, and you’ll have a chance to review your case before you sign anything. We want you to know before you begin that we’re the right firm for you.

When you’re ready to begin, your Long Island red light ticket lawyer is waiting for you to click or call. Reach out by calling 917-477-4749 or by filling out the online form below.  

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