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Long Island Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

Being pulled over for improper passing can leave you with more questions than answers. If you’re concerned about your case, speak with a Long Island lawyer about your ticket and what you can do to get it dismissed.

Being pulled over can be a difficult, confusing process. That’s especially true when you’re facing a ticket for improper passing. You may be unsure how to fight back and whether it’s even worth fighting back.

Fortunately, your Long Island improper passing ticket lawyer can help. Our team at the Law Office of James Medows are proud to help drivers throughout New York state get the knowledge and experience needed to beat their citation.

What Is Improper Passing?

You may be unsure what you could have done that would warrant an improper passing ticket.

Typically, improper passing violations involve any type of passing that may put you or other drivers in danger. That’s especially an issue when visibility is low, such as in certain weather conditions when the other driver might not reasonably be able to see you.

For example, you may have been pulled over because you passed while in a no-passing zone. These zones are especially common in curved or hilly roads, which limits the time and visibility for passing. Other reasons for an improper passing ticket may include passing on the right side or passing on a shoulder.

Penalties for Your Long Island Ticket

When you’re pulled over for improper passing, you might not think much about it. Other moving violations, such as speeding, may seem more severe. However, disputing something as minor as an improper passing ticket can protect you from future issues.

For example, you’ll need to pay out for the fines when you plead guilty. These could add up to hundreds of dollars, which can cut into\ your budget for more important things, such as utilities.

You might also struggle to deal with driving points, especially if you already have some points on your license. These driving points will accrue, and if you accumulate eleven points within eighteen months, your license will be suspended.

Although an improper passing ticket will only accrue three points on your license, any points can affect your future. You may already have a few points on your license, for example, or you may be facing a more-serious moving violation later on. That could leave you dealing with a suspended license if you don’t fight back.

Contact an Attorney for Improper Passing Tickets in Long Island

If you’re facing an improper passing ticket, you’ll need to understand the penalties you could face for your ticket and how you can fight back. For many people, fighting back against what seems like a minor violation may not seem worth it. It’s important to understand that these points can accumulate over time and can affect your legal ability to drive.

Fortunately, that’s where your lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows comes in. We’ll help you fight back and defend yourself against the harsh penalties that you could face if you don’t fight back. Get started with a Long Island improper passing ticket lawyer today when you call 917-477-4749 or when you fill out the following online form.

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