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Long Island Driving Points Lawyer

If you’ve been pulled over, you may be facing strict penalties for driving points. If that’s the case, reach out to a Long Island lawyer to fight against your driving points.

Being pulled over in Long Island is already a stressful experience. You might be expecting a ticket, and you may be surprised to learn later that your license is in danger of suspension because of accumulated points.

At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with points on your license. Fortunately, your Long Island driving points lawyer can help you fight back and work diligently to get your points dismissed.

What Are Driving Points?

When you’re pulled over, one of the major penalties you’ll face—other than the stress of a traffic stop—is your fine. However, you may also know that you’ll receive a certain number of points on your drivers license if you plead guilty. However, those points won’t directly affect your license.

Instead, these driving points are meant to punish repeat offenders. A traffic ticket, for example, is usually worth two-to-five points. If you only received one ticket in eighteen months, those points might not affect you. However, those points do build up, and they can have larger consequences for your license.

Penalties for Long Island Drivers

Unfortunately, accruing traffic tickets can come with unintended consequences, beyond the fines you’ll pay if you plead guilty. Those points will build up, and if you receive enough in a short amount of time, your license could be suspended.

For many residents of Long Island, that can be frustrating and expensive. You’ll still need transportation to work, school, and home, which means you’ll need to spend that extra money for a bus or a rideshare service. Worse, you’ll still need to maintain your vehicle’s upkeep, such as insurance, maintenance, and parking.

Your suspension could last for months, too, which is why it’s better to avoid accepting the ticket and the subsequent consequences. If you’re nearing a license suspension, the penalties could be high, so finding a driving points lawyer may make a major difference in your case. They can help you fight back to get your traffic ticket dismissed.

Seek Help Dismissing Your Driving Points

If you’re facing driving points on your license and you’re worried about the effects, contact an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows today. We understand the difficult situation you’re in, and we can show you why it’s so important to fight back and get your case dismissed.

Get started today with a consultation. We’ll review your case and show you what we can do to help you get your ticket reduced or dismissed. That way, you don’t have to deal with the stress and embarrassment of losing your license.

When you’re ready to act and protect your license, reach out to a Long Island driving points lawyer. We can be reached by calling 917-477-4749 or by completing the following online form.

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