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Long Island Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

A Long Island ticket for cell phone use can be frustrating, and worse, it can hurt your future finances and driving privileges. Avoid the headache by contacting an attorney for the help you need.

Cell phones have become a major part of the way we interact with the rest of the world, whether it’s talking, texting, or accessing social media. Unfortunately, they can also get us in trouble.

If you’re facing a ticket because an officer believes you were talking or texting and driving, reach out for help from a Long Island cell phone ticket lawyer. At the Law Office of James Medows, we know that understanding cell phone laws can be tough, so we’ll help you understand your ticket and fight to get it dismissed.

New York’s Cell Phone Laws

First, what are New York’s laws on cell phone use? Understanding what is and isn’t legal behind the wheel can help you defend your case. Unfortunately, because of the concerns about phone-related car accidents, you may have trouble finding the most recent cell phone ticket laws for your Long Island case.

Typically, any actions where you’re holding your phone and using it while on the road could lead to a ticket. While contacting emergency services is acceptable, you’re otherwise expected to pull over whenever you need to use your phone.

Because of the number of accidents in New York City alone caused by cell phone use, these laws are evaluated and updated to protect you and other drivers. Unfortunately, that means you could face some harsh penalties.  

Cell Phone Ticket Penalties

It’s unfortunate, but a cell phone ticket can get expensive quickly. If you plead guilty and accept your fines, for example, you’re not just paying what could be hundreds of dollars in fees. Your insurer will be notified of the ticket, likely raising your insurance costs because of the ticket.

Unfortunately, a cell phone ticket can be costly, both now and in the future. As such, it’s important to know the consequences before you decide to pay your ticket. For example, even a first-time cell phone ticket can come with the following fines and consequences:

  • A minimum $50 fine
  • Five points on your license
  • Surcharges up to $93

Points for Cell Phone Use

What about the points on your license? Unfortunately, while they don’t have any immediate effects on your claim, these points can hurt your license in the future. If you accept a ticket, you’ll receive points on your driver’s license, which add up.

If you receive eleven points over an eighteen-month span, your license will be suspended. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get to this point. A cell phone use ticket will leave you with five points, so even if you’ve only received two in the past eighteen months, you’re already on the verge of a license suspension.

As such, it’s important to fight back now, even if this is your first ticket. You don’t want your license in danger, since losing your license can make transport so difficult. That’s why you’ll need to find the best defense for your case in Long Island.  

Defenses for Cell Phone Use

Before you head to traffic court, it’s important to determine how best to approach your ticket. Your lawyer will review the details of your situation and find the right way to defend your case.

For example, you might have been on the phone with emergency services while you were driving. You were under duress, but an officer might have given you a ticket anyway. In other cases where you may believe that the officer was mistaken, you can bring your cell phone records to show you weren’t on the phone before you were pulled over.

Getting the right defense is vital to getting your case dismissed, but every case is different. Fortunately, our Long Island lawyers understand that and can help you fight back.

Cell Phone Ticket? Call a Long Island Attorney

When you’ve been pulled over for a cell phone violation, you might have considered pleading guilty and accepting the consequences. However, those consequences can have lasting effects on your record and your license.

Fortunately, our attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows can help. We understand how tough it can be to fight a cell phone ticket, so we’ll help you build a strong defense to get your ticket dismissed. If you’re not sure where to begin, we also offer free consultations. Before you sign anything, we’ll discuss your ticket and what we can do to get it dismissed.

Ready to get the answers and assistance you need? Reach out to your Long Island cell phone ticket lawyer today. To begin, give us a call at 917-477-4749 or complete the following online form.

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