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Long Island Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you’ve received a traffic ticket for a Long Island moving violation, it can affect more than your finances. That’s why you need to seek out an attorney who can help you fight back to get your ticket dismissed.

Whether you were on a long drive or making a short commute, you might have been surprised to be pulled over by a police officer. You may not have believed that you were violating the rules of the road, but now you’re facing a traffic ticket and penalties for a violation in Long Island.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face those penalties alone. A Long Island traffic ticket lawyer can help you fight back and possibly get your ticket dismissed. At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand that it can be tough to fight when it’s your word against an officer’s, so seek out the help you need for your traffic ticket case.

Types of Moving Violations

When you’ve first received your traffic ticket, it can feel overwhelming to act on it. You’re concerned about the fines and penalties of your case, and you’re not sure where to begin in fighting back for a dismissal.

Fortunately, an attorney can help you find the appropriate way to handle your case, starting with the type of moving violation you’ve been ticketed for. Every traffic ticket type will need to be addressed and defended differently, which can make getting the answers you need complicated.

Fortunately, your lawyer can help. A Long Island attorney can review your traffic ticket and help you decide the best way to defend yourself from the penalties of a traffic ticket. If you’ve received one of the following moving violations, our lawyers may be able to help you fight back to get your ticket dismissed:

Penalties for Traffic Tickets

When you’re pulled over for a traffic ticket, one of your first concerns might be the costs and consequences of paying that ticket. You may be concerned about pitting your word against the word of a police officer’s, but the penalties you may be facing can be significant.

If you’ve received a ticket, chances are good that you’re facing some high fines for your case, along with points on your record. The fine you’ll pay will depend on the type of violation, but the fine for your ticket could be hundreds of dollars. If this ticket was not your first offense, you might be paying even more for the violation.

Worse, there’s a possibility that you could lose your license because of your ticket. Unfortunately, that leaves you to struggle with the financial costs of your ticket and the inconveniences of not having a car.

While you’ll need to continue paying for your insurance, car loans, and parking or maintenance costs, you won’t be able to drive. Instead, you’ll need to rely on friends and family or pay for public transportation. That can be both expensive and embarrassing, so you’ll need to fight back now if you believe your license is in danger.

The Points System

If you’ve received a ticket but didn’t see any immediate effects on your license, you could still be facing future consequences for your ticket. While your fines might be priority, you may also have points on your license because of the ticket.

These points may not affect you right away, but if they add up, they can lead to a license suspension. If you receive eleven points within eighteen months, your license could be suspended. Unfortunately, these points can add up quickly. Cell phone use violations are worth five points each, so receiving two of these violations already puts you near a suspension.

Because these points can lead to serious consequences, it’s important to fight back now, whether this is your first ticket or you’ve already had more tickets. If you don’t fight back and get those points off your record, it could spell trouble for you in the future.

Defending Yourself from Traffic Ticket Penalties

Once you’ve reviewed the serious penalties your traffic ticket can come with, you’ll then need to work on defending yourself against these penalties. Finding the right defense for your penalties will be important to fighting back.

Typically, the defense you need will depend on the type of traffic ticket you received. For example, if you received a traffic ticket in Long Island for failing to yield, your defense might focus more on proving that you were acting safely, given the conditions. For a speeding ticket, however, you might question the officer’s view of the scene, or you may claim that the radar was not properly calibrated.

Every case is unique, which means that you need a defense that’s tailored to your specific situation. As such, you’ll need a Long Island lawyer who understands your case and the best defenses for it. Our attorneys will review the evidence you have and help you find the best way to defend yourself.

Long Island Traffic Ticket FAQ

Dealing with a traffic ticket violation can be stressful, and worse, every situation is unique. That means that you may have specific questions about your case that you can’t find answers for. Fortunately, that’s what a Long Island traffic ticket attorney is here for.

When you’re struggling with your unique questions, our lawyers can help. We can answer specific questions, like the ones below, and help you deal with the details of your case, too.

What if I don’t make it to my traffic court date?

Unfortunately, skipping your traffic court date can come with harsh penalties. The judge may declare you guilty by default, meaning that you’ll automatically be left with the penalties for your ticket. Worse, you may have other fines and a possible license suspension. If you’re concerned about missing your date, or if it’s already passed, contact a lawyer about dealing with a missed court date.

How long do I have to fight my ticket?

When you’ve received a ticket, you’ll have only a short time to plead and either pay your ticket or get your court date. In New York, you’ll have about thirty days to file and prepare to take action against your ticket.

Will a traffic ticket affect my insurance?

Unfortunately, a traffic ticket may raise your insurance premiums if you don’t fight to get it dismissed. Your insurance company will see a traffic ticket as a sign that you weren’t driving carefully. Unfortunately, that may raise your rates, making it more difficult to pay in the future if you don’t fight back.

Fight a Traffic Ticket with a Long Island Lawyer’s Help

When you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, it’s important to understand what consequences you might face and the damage a traffic ticket can do. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept the consequences without fighting back.

Instead, you can plead not guilty and take action with help from a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. Our attorneys can review your claim during a free consult and help you build the best defense after a traffic ticket. Getting your Long Island ticket dismissed can protect your money and your future, so it’s important to act now.

When you’re ready to fight back, seek out a Long Island traffic ticket lawyer for the help you need. To begin, fill out the online form below or give us a call at 917-477-4749.

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