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Long Island Speeding Ticket FAQ

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Long Island, you might be unsure where to start. You’re concerned about the effects of a speeding ticket conviction, but you’re not sure how to fight back. A Long Island speeding ticket FAQ can give you a start, but you might have issues specific to your case. 

Fortunately, that’s where a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help. Check out the questions below to get started, then give us a call for individual attention to your case.

I was ticketed by a speed camera. Can I still fight my ticket? 

If you were given a speeding ticket because of an automated camera, you may still have a chance to fight back. Your attorney may argue that the traffic camera was operating during off-hours, such as a school zone during the weekend. This evidence may be enough to get your charges dropped. 

How will a conviction affect my insurance? 

Unfortunately, accepting a speeding ticket can hurt your insurance coverage. Insurers want proof that you’re driving carefully, as it’s more expensive to insure careless drivers. Because of that, your coverage may become more expensive and could even be canceled. 

How many driving points will a speeding ticket give me? 

The amount of points you’ll receive for a conviction will depend on your speed. For example, if you’re accused of driving five miles above the speed limit, you may only receive three points on your license. However, excessive speeds could be worth eleven points, which can affect the validity of your license. 

What are my options for defending my case? 

Your defense usually depends on whether you had a reason to speed or believe you weren’t speeding. For example, you might have been speeding because of a medical emergency, but were ticketed anyway. In other cases, you might have been speeding to avoid an accident with a careless driver. 

If you don’t believe you were speeding, you may question the accuracy of the speed detectors. Typically, your lawyer will review the details of your traffic stop and help you choose the best defense. 

Can I lose my license for speeding? 

In some cases, your license may be in danger if you’re speeding. If you’re stopped for driving more than forty miles per hour over the speed limit, for example, you may receive eleven points on your license, which is an automatic suspension. If you’ve already pleaded guilty to other tickets, this speeding ticket could also bring you to the threshold for a suspension. 

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A speeding ticket isn’t a laughing matter, and you might be struggling to understand all of the complexities that accompany it. A Long Island speeding ticket FAQ should help, but you may need more individual attention. That’s where your lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can step in. 

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