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Jamaica Traffic Ticket Lawyer


In most states, the ability to drive is considered a privilege—not a right. A myriad of guidelines are in place for drivers with a license, and violation of those rules has consequences ranging from points and fines to suspension or revocation of your license.


As you can probably guess, a traffic ticket isn’t just additional stress. A ticket has the potential to affect your lifestyle in many ways. Instead of accepting the penalties and moving on, a qualified Jamaica traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help.


Traffic Violations in New York

New York’s traffic violation point system is relatively cut-and-dry. Most violations carry a point range of anywhere from two to five, with three to five being the most common. When it comes to speeding violations, the points assigned vary from three to eleven points.


Tickets in New York are not automatic convictions. You either plead guilty to the violation by paying the fine and signing the ticket, or you plead not guilty in court and end up convicted if the judge disagrees. Regardless of how long it takes for you to be formally convicted, the points assigned to your driving record are dated as of the date the violation occurred.


Points Add Up Quickly

Why are these dates so important? In New York, any individual who amasses six or more points within a rolling eighteen-month period will be put into the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program for three years. This ultimately means major additional annual fees that are usually billed to you immediately, starting at $100 and with an additional $25 added for each point over the initial six.


If you have a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, you automatically have to pay $250.


Will I Go to Jail for Traffic Violations?

Traffic violations in and of themselves don’t typically warrant jail time, although they can potentially result in a jail sentence of up to thirty days. Other actions, such as not paying your fines and then not showing up to court, may result in a warrant for your arrest. Speeding combined with another violation, like a DUI or driving with an already-suspended license, may result in an immediate arrest, bail, and then the possibility of a longer sentence if you are ultimately convicted in court.


Point accumulations, fines, and license revocations can have a huge impact on your life and your ability to work in and around the city. Make sure you have an experienced Jamaica traffic ticket lawyer on your side for guidance if you’ve been accused of a moving violation of any kind. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to fight the ticket in court.


Jamaica Traffic Violation Lawyer with Experience

Many drivers, whether they feel they deserved the ticket or not, pay the penalties simply because it seems to be the easiest route to move forward. However, if you have an experienced Jamaica traffic ticket lawyer on your side, you can fight your ticket.


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