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02 Jan It’s Difficult to Get a Suspended License Back

There are numerous reasons why your drivers license could be suspended in New York. Like many states, we have a driving points system for traffic violations, so the most common reason for a suspension is getting too many points on your record. However, your license could also be suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • Failing to answer a traffic citation, such as a speeding ticket
  • Driving without insurance
  • Being convicted of drunk driving
  • Not filing an accident report

While there are many ways to receive a license suspension, getting your license back is not a simple process.


Types of Drivers License Suspensions

There are two main types of drivers license suspensions in New York: definite and indefinite.


  • The suspension has a start and end date
  • You cannot drive during the suspension period
  • Once complete, you must pay a suspension termination fee


  • No specific end date but instead based on you taking a required action
  • You must complete the action listed on your notice to have your license reinstated



Worse than a suspension is a revocation. In this case, your license will be terminated. There will be a set period of time that must pass before you can apply for a new license, and you need to be approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before submitting your application to have your license reinstated.

This process can be complicated because you may need to pass a written and driving test, and the DMV still has the right to deny your application. There may also be additional civil penalties that will need to be paid prior to your license being reinstated.


Additional Steps and Complications

When requesting the reinstatement of a revoked drivers license, other agencies may also be involved in the decision of whether to approve your application. For example, the DMV Insurance Services Bureau will need to be contacted if your license was revoked for failing to carry insurance.

Your local DMV office will need to share information with the DMV Driver Impairment Unit regarding your passing of a recent written and driving test.

Any revocations due to an alcohol-related offense will require you to provide proof of rehabilitation. Your rehabilitation must take place within one year of your application and be supervised by a provider approved by the NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).

Being on probation will require a copy of the terms of your probation and a letter from your probation officer stating that you are allowed to receive your drivers license. Otherwise, if your probation has been terminated, you need to provide written notice on their letterhead.


Fees for Drivers License Reinstatement

There may be numerous fees associated with reinstating your license:

  • Termination fee
  • Civil penalties
  • Driver responsibility assessment fee


Work with an NYC Traffic Violation Attorney

Given the number of steps that must be taken and the fact that each situation is unique with individual requirements, reinstating your drivers license is not easy. Many people find it difficult to do so, which is why it’s important to fight every traffic ticket so that you don’t reach this point.

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