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05 Feb Importance of Keeping a Clean Driver’s License

Importance of Keeping a Clean Driver's License

As an adult, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to and work to make them look good. Your credit is one of those things. As employers start to look at credit records and buying things for cash out of pocket becomes more difficult, people are taking credit more seriously. At the same time, they may not understand another important record. The importance of keeping a clean driver’s license may be even more important than your credit.

Traffic Ticket Fees

No one wants to hand out cash for a silly mistake they made while driving. At the same time, there are those who consistently break driving laws and worse, they get caught doing it. The impact on your license is bad enough, but many states are increasing the fees as well. What you pay for your first offense may be less than you pay for your second offense. On top of this, as the points on your license begin to add up, there may be additional penalties and expenses. Traffic ticket fees and penalties are rarely simple and inexpensive matters unless you have a traffic ticket lawyer on your side.

Potential for Suspension

Eventually, a dirty license is going to lead to a suspended license which can lead to many other complications. If your driver’s license is suspended, you will no longer be able to drive yourself to and from work or transport your children or family members to their appointments. Not to mention the cost and hassle of relying on other means of transportation or another person to get you where you need to go. The fact of the matter is, a suspended license is not only expensive but can affect your life as well as your friends’ and family members’ lives immensely.

Insurance Premiums

Don’t kid yourself, insurance companies know that every driver has to have insurance. They are just waiting for those drivers to give them an excuse to raise the premium. When you get a ticket because of something you did wrong while you were driving, all bets are off. You can just about guarantee an increase in your premiums and as far as the law and the insurance company is concerned, their reasoning is valid. When poor judgment while driving is documented, it means you are a higher risk for actually using your insurance.

Employment Issues

Some companies look at your credit before they hire you. Others look at your credit and your driving record, and some even look at both. A dirty record could prevent you from getting a job. Further, there are many jobs that specifically require a clean driver’s license which you will not qualify for if you have had multiple traffic violations.

In short, if you want to be successful at any level of life, don’t underestimate the importance of keeping a clean driver’s license. If you have received a traffic violation or need assistance in keeping your license and driver’s record clean, contact Attorney James Medows online or call or text (917) 856-1247 for help.