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22 Oct I got a speeding ticket and these are the 3 things I learned

I got a speeding ticket and these are the 3 things I learned

If you ever need to drive in New York City, you’ll quickly learn that the rules of the road are so very different than anywhere else in the United States. You really don’t notice it until you get a speeding ticket from the police, and then it hits you over the head! I got my first one ever last week, and these are three things I learned from the experience.

1) Don’t give your license to anyone

When you get pulled over, give your license only to yourself (yes, you’re allowed to do that). Once you’ve gotten your slip of paper back from the officer, hand it back to yourself as well. That way no one can accuse you of giving it away and no one will have access to it but you.

2) Speeding tickets are easier if you’re polite

Sure, you might not want to be civil to someone who pulled you over, but it can go a long way in your court case. If you approach them with respect, they’re likely to do the same. Politely ask if there’s anything they need (e.g., license or registration) then proceed to do that for them without complaint. The police officer will appreciate your willingness to help out, which will reflect in their testimony when they appear in court on your behalf.

3) Know what you’re up against

You can’t fight city hall, right? Well, actually you can. If you were caught by one of those laser cameras that takes your picture as it clocks your speed, you have some rights. The first thing to know is that you have an appeals process, even if there’s no due date on your summons for an appeal. You have three days to request one in writing or three weeks if it’s mailed to you.