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03 Jan How to Handle a New York Traffic Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use

How to Handle a New York Traffic Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use

Even the most careful and safest drivers make mistakes now and then, which is why most of us have probably been pulled over and sassed with a traffic ticket in New York. While traffic tickets are seen by many as being a nuisance and a massive inconvenience, they are there to keep the roads safe by deterring drivers from breaking New York traffic laws as covered over at After you get over the initial shock of your traffic ticket, you must know how to proceed once you get issued with a New York traffic ticket. When compared to other more serious offenses one can be charged with, traffic offenses can seem minor, but if not dealt with, even the most basic of violations can become a real issue on your driving record according to If you have been hit with a driving ticket in New York, this article will look to highlight how to handle the situation, while articulating reasons why you should use

Answer your ticket

Whatever you do once you are issued with a New York traffic ticket, never ignore it or fail to answer it. This is because, as outlined over at, if you fail to answer your traffic ticket, your license may be suspended until you vacate the default or pay the fine imposed and any suspension termination fees, and you may also be found guilty of the charge by default. This is why you should always be on top of your traffic tickets and make sure that you respond to each one of them in good time to avoid such consequences. We understand that you may be busy and that having to deal with a traffic ticket may slip your mind, which is why you should use a good and experienced traffic lawyer like who will attend court on your behalf, saving you the time, and making sure that you don’t fail to answer your traffic ticket.

Filling your plea

When it comes to responding to your ticket, you will have to decide how you are going to plead, and here you can either plead guilty or not guilty. According to, for traffic tickets, you can plead guilty, not guilty, or guilty with an explanation. If you plead guilty, you are admitting that you committed the violation being alleged by the police officer who wrote you up. If you plead not guilty, then your case will be scheduled for trial and your hearing date will be sent to you via first-class mail. As covered over at, if you plead guilty with an explanation, you are admitting that you committed the violation but that there were mitigating circumstances you wish to explain to the judge. You should note that by pleading guilty with an explanation, you are admitting guilt, and this will result in a conviction and points being assessed. The only benefit that comes with pleading guilty with an explanation is that the judge may deviate from the standard fine schedule. You will have 15 days from the date of the violation to return your ticket with a plea to the address provided on the ticket. You can also enter your plea online if it is a TVB ticket, in person at any TVB office, or by phone by calling the number on the back of the ticket. Given the consequences that come with pleading guilty, you should always plead not guilty and use a New York traffic lawyer like the top-rated to help you fight the ticket.

Defensive driving courses

Other than fighting your charge to have it dismissed or reduced with the help of the good and experienced NY traffic lawyer like, you can also take a defensive driving course as a means of preventing your New York traffic ticket from affecting your driving record. These are offered to New York drivers who qualify and are also referred to as Point and Insurance Reduction Programs. Even though the traffic conviction and points will appear on your driving record, completing this course will prevent the DMV from including up to 4 points toward your driving record total. According to, this could prevent a devastating license suspension or a costly insurance hike, which is why such courses can be so helpful. If you get a New York traffic ticket.

Traffic Tickets in New York City vs the rest of New York State

How your New York Traffic ticket is handled will depend on where the ticket was issued as outlined over at Tickets issued outside of New York City are handled by the local court system in the city, town, country, or village in question where you will have the option of plea bargaining with the prosecutor for a more favorable disposition. On the other hand, tickets issued in New York City and its 5 boroughs are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). The TVB operates under a different set of rules and here, every case goes to hearing or trial and there is no negotiating or plea bargaining with the prosecutor or police officer. The top-rated has got experience of handling cases in both venues, including extensive experience and pedigree in handling TVB traffic tickets, hence why you should use him.

What to expect in court

Here, it is important to note that if you have a lawyer, you may not be required to go to court at all, which is why you should use the top-rated as he will go to court on your behalf and save you the time and energy of having to attend the court proceedings. If you have to attend traffic court, make sure that you dress appropriately and that you choose clothing that shows that you are taking the process and your traffic ticket seriously. Avoid casual wear, shorts, jeans, or beach clothing. You should also know your rights, which includes what to or not to say and when to speak. This is why you should hire a top-rated traffic lawyer like who will help protect your rights, doing all the talking and only allowing you to reply to questions that need a response by you. In short, have a traffic lawyer represent you in court, whether you need to be there or not, for the best possible outcome.

Traffic tickets in New York can come consequences such as substantial fines, surcharges, civil penalties, suspensions or revocations as far as your license is concerned, and increased insurance premiums. Hopefully, this article will help you know how to handle such a situation, and remember, using the excellent is the best option if you are to get a favorable outcome.