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23 Jul How to Fight a Ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone in NY

Work zones can be risky for both drivers and workers. That’s why work zones have such strict speed limits. However, those speed limits can leave you facing a ticket with harsh penalties, like fines or even a suspended license. 

Worse, you might not be certain how to fight a ticket for speeding in a work zone in New York. Your case may be tough to get dismissed in the courtroom. In these cases, though, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you beat your ticket. If you’re struggling to get your ticket dismissed on your own, reach out for the help you need with your case. 

Evidence for Your Case

First, preparing for your case typically starts by gathering proof against your ticket. Showing how you weren’t breaking the law is crucial to getting your citation reduced or dismissed completely, as speeding in a work zone could lead to doubled fines

For example, you may have entered the work zone at a high speed because there weren’t any signs about the speed limit change. They could have been taken down too soon, or they may have been knocked down by a storm or another driver. 

When you and your lawyer find the right defense for your traffic ticket case, your next focus will be to gather evidence for your case. That might include pictures of the location, surveillance footage, or eyewitness testimony. All these pieces of evidence should be gathered and prepared for your court date. 

Questioning the Prosecution’s Evidence

Once you’ve gathered the evidence you need, you’ll need to prepare your defense before your court date. Your speeding ticket lawyer can help you defend yourself against the police officer’s evidence. 

For example, the police officer may claim that they knew you were speeding through pacing. That means the officer matched your pace to find your speed. However, this evidence is based on the officer’s perception. They may have actually been going faster than you, for example, but didn’t realize it. Devices such as radar guns or speed cameras can also be wrong, so your lawyer may question their accuracy.

Your lawyer can discuss what you can expect from the prosecution, so you know what evidence you’re facing. Then, you and your lawyer can focus on fighting their evidence and getting your ticket reduced or dismissed completely. 

Fight Your Ticket with a NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you’ve been pulled over for a speeding ticket in a work zone, you’re facing potential penalties that are more serious than a typical speeding ticket. Worse, you may be struggling to build your case and defend yourself against the word of the police officer. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to fight a ticket for speeding in a work zone in New York on your own. Seek out a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We understand how dire your case is, and we’re focused on protecting your future. 

If you’re ready to get the help you need with your ticket, talk to your lawyer about being pulled over in a New York work zone. We’ll talk about how we can help, starting with a free consultation, by calling 917-856-1247 or by completing the online form below.