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15 Nov how to avoid a speeding ticket in New York City

how to avoid a speeding ticket in New York City

It’s important to be wary of where you drive in New York City. Police use hidden cameras called photo-radar traps to catch speeders. Even if you don’t see a police car, you could still get caught speeding. This happens because sometimes cops hide in an unmarked vehicle and use radar detectors that transmit at lower speeds than typical photo-radar cameras.

New York has an interesting loophole for avoiding tickets. If you receive a speeding ticket in New York City, you can plead not guilty to your driving offense. Then, if your driving record stays clean for 6 months without another violation, your ticket will be dismissed by law. So if you’re looking to avoid points on your driving record or steep fines, plead not guilty!

For those who have been unlucky enough to be nabbed by one of New York’s cameras, chances are you were traveling over ten miles per hour over the speed limit. That means a fine up to $100 for going less than 15 miles per hour and as much as $400 for doing at least 30 miles per hour over. If you didn’t know, here’s an interesting fact about NYC speeding tickets: since it is technically a civil rather than criminal violation, there is no insurance increase from paying them off. Now that you know what to do if you do get caught by one of these cameras, let’s explore why they exist in the first place—and whether or not fighting your ticket is worth it.

If you drive in New York City, there’s one thing you should know—you are definitely going to get a speeding ticket. The reason for that is simple: Police officers use speeding tickets as part of their strategy to reduce crime. The more tickets police officers hand out, the more criminals they can stop from committing other crimes. So if you’re trying to reduce crime, then fighting your speeding ticket makes perfect sense. If you’re just trying to save yourself some money or time, then fighting it doesn’t make any sense at all.