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How to Appeal a Traffic Court Verdict

07 Feb How to Appeal a Traffic Court Verdict

Getting a traffic ticket is bad enough. Maybe you attended your traffic court hearing and were found guilty. Now you have additional expenses and the inconvenience of points on your driving record. You might be feeling discouraged. It’s important to know that a guilty verdict in traffic court isn’t always the end of the road.

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to appeal and have the verdict overturned. If you’re not sure what the appeals process looks like, or how to prepare for an appeal, enlist the help of a highly trained and qualified traffic court lawyer in NYC. They can help prepare your appeal and represent you throughout the process.

Steps to Your Appeal

When you first receive your verdict, you’ll need to act fast. You’ll have just 30 days following the hearing decision to appeal your case. If you’re struggling to put together an appeal, a lawyer can help gather evidence and file the correct paperwork.

You can either file your appeal online or by mail. You’ll need to submit all the necessary information about your claim, as well as your argument to overturn the verdict. This is where you’ll present any evidence showing that you weren’t guilty of the citation you were given.

If there’s any evidence that you have that can’t be included in your appeals argument online, you may mail this additional evidence. Remember to notify the court of your additional evidence in your online appeal form so they know to expect it.

The Judge’s New Decision

Once you and your lawyer have prepared your appeal and submitted it online, you’ll simply need to wait. Keep in mind, though, that any unpaid penalties can add up if you haven’t paid your ticket expenses yet. You’ll also need to pay a fee for your appeal, which is nonrefundable, even if the judge finds you not guilty.

Once the judge has reviewed your case, they’ll return with one of five decisions:

  • Affirm the initial decision
  • Determine that you had no basis on which to appeal
  • Modify the verdict
  • Return the case for a new hearing
  • Reverse the verdict

You and your lawyer will, of course, be looking for a reversal, but returning to court to fight your case can also help you. This means that you’ll have another chance to fight your traffic ticket case and show that you’re not guilty.

Secure Help Filing an Appeal

Receiving a guilty verdict for your traffic ticket can be disheartening, but you still have a chance to fight back. If you’re not sure how to do that, however, you’ll need to contact an experienced traffic court lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.

You’ll need someone on your side who knows how to appeal a traffic court verdict, and a lawyer will have that experience. When you’re struggling to appeal after being found guilty, enlist the help of a qualified professional.

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