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26 Jun How Much Will My New York Speeding Ticket Cost?

A speeding ticket can be frustrating and costly. You might not believe you were even speeding, but you were still issued a ticket, which means a court appearance and possible effects on your license and finances. That can be difficult to deal with after your traffic stop. 

So, how much will a New York speeding ticket cost? Often, the answer depends on a few factors. However, the costs might be higher than you initially thought, and higher than the fine listed on your ticket. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to fight back and get your ticket dismissed. 

Your Ticket Will Depend on the Speed Limit

Speeding tickets are a little different from other tickets, in that other types of moving violations might only have a single fine listed. For example, a seatbelt violation has a set fee if you’re convicted. A speeding ticket, however, will vary based on your speed, the speed limit, and any factors affecting your case. For example, speeding in a school zone might warrant a more severe penalty. 

Because these penalties can change, you may need to speak to your lawyer and take your case to court to understand exactly how much the ticket will cost you. Because speeding ticket fines can be costly, you might need to speak to your lawyer now, before you begin. 

Your Costs Are More than Fines

However, you might have been thinking that the trouble might not be worth it. You might have been considering just accepting the ticket and moving on. Doing so, however, could lead to serious penalties that you might not have seen coming. 

Your penalties don’t start and end at the fine, after all. Instead, you could face long-term consequences for your case. 

For example, your insurance could be affected. A ticket indicates irresponsible driving to them, and that tells the insurers that you’re more likely to cause an accident or injury. Because of this, the insurance provider could raise your rates, and those effects can take years to reduce. 

Your ticket could also affect your drivers license. If you plead guilty, you’ll be convicted of that traffic ticket and will receive points on your license. These points depend on the severity of your speeding ticket and will add up. If enough add up over a few months, your license will be suspended. That leaves you paying for your car and insurance but unable to take advantage of them.

Contact a Lawyer About Disputing a Speeding Ticket

If you’re struggling with a traffic ticket, you might need to ask more than, “How much will my New York speeding ticket cost?” Instead, you might need to ask whether those costs are worth it. In many cases, you could be facing penalties for years after your case, putting unnecessary stress on you. 

That doesn’t mean you have to accept your fines and penalties. Instead, reach out to your attorney at the Law Office of James Medows for the help you need. We offer free consultations, which means you’ll have a chance to review your case with a lawyer before you begin. 

When you’re ready, get started by calling your New York speeding ticket lawyer. Give us a call at 917-856-1247 or fill out the following online form to contact us.