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10 Dec How many points can I get on my license before it is suspended?

How many points can I get on my license before it is suspended?

The number of points that lead to license suspension depends on two things: how many tickets are accumulated in a given time period and what kind of offense(s) were committed. For example, if an individual receives 3 moving violations, such as speeding or red light tickets, within 18 months, it’s possible for their license to be suspended if they have accumulated enough points. According to DMV guidelines , moving violations that incur 2 points include any reckless driving conviction or illegal passing ticket. A 3-point violation includes parking in prohibited areas (such as double parking) and street racing tickets.

When it comes to driving records, points can be deceiving. One man’s 16-point infraction is another man’s three-point infraction. Sixteen points may sound like a lot—and it is—but in many instances, not enough for you license to be suspended. If you get five or more moving violations in an 18-month period, or 12 within 36 months, then insurance companies will see that as too much risk and they’ll either refuse to issue policies or charge rates substantially higher than those of other drivers without such violations (or even cancel existing ones). So if you do get that 16-point ticket and pay it off without incident before your next court date, take heart: You’re still likely safe behind the wheel.

The number of points depends on how many moving violations are attributed to one’s license. Three (3) to six (6) points results in a three (3) month suspension, seven (7) to eleven (11) points results in a six (6) month suspension, and twelve or more points results in an indefinite suspension. There is no pre-suspension hearing for suspensions resulting from point accumulation. Additionally, should one receive twelve or more points on their license within eighteen months of an earlier suspension pursuant to section five hundred nine-e of title seventeen of the code, then such person shall be subject to an indefinite suspension under such section five hundred nine-e and section two hundred four-b of title twenty-one of such code.