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14 Nov how long traffic ticket stays on record

how long traffic ticket stays on record

The police often take tickets for minor offenses.
Traffic tickets can show up on your driving record for up to 10 years depending on the type of offense. Depending on where you live, even getting four moving violations in six years could lead to having your license suspended or revoked altogether.

Navigating Your Case through Trial versus Plea Deal The decision to hire a traffic ticket attorney is almost always made at crunch time—meaning you’ve just been issued a hefty fine for something like speeding or running a red light. You can fight your case yourself, but it’s easy to think you have no other option than to pay up and move on. However, there are many cases in which hiring an attorney can be well worth your time and money.

Traffic tickets can even affect your job status. If you’re facing penalties like points against your license or expensive fines, consider talking to a lawyer about fighting your citation or resolving it in another way. Traffic tickets may seem minor, but they can have serious implications.

What to Look For In An Attorney

Whether you got a speeding ticket, parking citation, or some other infraction, hiring an attorney can help ensure that your driving record doesn’t suffer. Some areas even require that you be represented by an attorney if you wish to dispute a citation. Here are three things to look for in a traffic violation lawyer: (1) experience handling such cases; (2) reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients; and (3) rates and fees charged.

If you’ve received a traffic citation, it’s tempting to simply pay your fine and be done with it. However, fighting your ticket can save you money in fines, help protect your driving record, and may even get you out of having to complete inconvenient mandatory classes. If possible, call each attorney before hiring them to discuss fees, how they work with clients and what kind of results they typically get for their clients. Be sure that any attorney representing you has a proven track record of success.