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Homicide – Murder – Lawyer NYC

Nothing is as serious as a murder or homicide charge, so it should go without saying that you need an extremely talented, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer on your side if someone has accused you of killing another person.

Homicide and Murder Charges: What You Need to Know

Homicide is the term used when one human causes the death of another human. Not all homicide cases are murder, though; some killings are considered manslaughter, and others are considered lawful, such as those homicides considered to be self-defense.

A murder occurs when the killing is unlawful and occurs with malice, or the intent to kill someone before actually killing them. Manslaughter is also unlawful killing, but it is considered homicide without malice.

How to Defend Yourself Against a Homicide or Murder Charge

A homicide or murder charge is extremely serious, and fighting it requires very careful planning. For most people, a public defender is just not an option; after all, you’ll only meet with your public defender briefly before your trial, and he or she doesn’t have the time or motivation to ensure that every aspect of your case is brought to light.

It makes sense to work with a Brooklyn homicide lawyer who knows how to preserve your rights from the moment the state charges you with a crime.

No matter what your role was, the first thing you need to do when you’re being arrested for a homicide or murder is avoid talking to investigators. Even if you’re completely innocent, it’s not a good idea to say anything until after you’ve consulted with your attorney (and even then, you should probably only talk to investigators while your lawyer is with you).

It’s common knowledge that police and law enforcement officers want to get you to admit to committing a crime, and in some cases, they can be very persuasive. It’s not uncommon for people to admit having a role in a murder even when they didn’t, and everything that they’ve said to investigators has been turned around and used against them in court.

That’s not justice.

That’s why you need to call a lawyer as soon as possible – even if you’re not exactly sure what the state of New York is charging you with, it’s best to sort out your defense as soon as possible.Some common defenses used to combat homicide or murder charges include:

  • Extreme emotional disturbance
  • Mental disease or defect
  • Self-defense
  • Defense of another person

Every case is different, though, so it’s important that you tell your lawyer everything from start to finish so he can begin building a solid defense on your behalf. No matter what your role – if you had a role at all – you need to trust your lawyer to make sure that your side of the story comes out in court; that’s the only way you can expect a fair judgment.

Types of Murder and Homicide Charges in Brooklyn

New York law is very specific when it comes to dividing murder and homicide charges. You could be facing a number of charges, such as:

  • Homicide
  • Criminally negligent homicide (Class E felony)
  • Aggravated criminally negligent homicide (Class C felony)
  • Vehicular manslaughter in the second degree (Class D felony)
  • Vehicular manslaughter in the first degree (Class C felony)
  • Manslaughter in the second degree (Class C felony)
  • Manslaughter in the first degree (Class B felony)
  • Aggravated manslaughter in the second degree (Class C felony)
  • Aggravated manslaughter in the first degree (Class B felony)
  • Murder in the second degree (Class A-I felony)
  • Aggravated murder (Class A-I felony)
  • Murder in the first degree (Class A-I felony)

No matter what charges you’re facing, murder is a serious enough crime that you shouldn’t face them alone. The maximum penalty for homicide or murder in the state of New York is life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. Many people who are up against homicide, manslaughter or murder charges are also dealing with other charges, including DUI, reckless endangerment and other types of crimes that can increase the penalties and result in longer periods of incarceration.

What to Do if You’re Accused of Murder

You can’t trust the rest of your life to just any lawyer. You need one who cares about what you’re going through, has successfully defended people against charges similar to yours and will fight tooth-and-nail for justice on your behalf.

If you or someone you care about is being charged with homicide, manslaughter or murder, call me on my cell phone right now. You can text me if it’s more convenient. My number is 917-856-1247, and I’ll stop what I’m doing to figure out how to help you.

You deserve better than what the criminal justice system is offering you right now. Call me or contact me online for an immediate response. The rest of your life could depend on it.