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Hell’s Kitchen Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Every traffic violation puts you that much closer to losing your license and dealing with spiking insurance premiums. Find out if you can get your ticket dismissed by speaking with a Hell’s Kitchen traffic ticket lawyer.

Driving through Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan can pose plenty of problems for drivers—whether you live in the area or are visiting. Between speed traps and the everyday problems that face drivers in such a congested area, the chances of getting a traffic citation are fairly high.


Although getting a traffic ticket might seem like a simple matter, tickets, based on their severity, can come with serious penalties and consequences. If you end up with a traffic ticket in this area of New York, make sure you have a qualified Hell’s Kitchen traffic ticket lawyer to help.

Ticket Types in New York

Everything from speeding, running red lights or stop signs, passing when it’s unsafe, or even making a right-hand turn from too far into the lane, can cause you to end up with a traffic ticket. The good news is that our attorneys can help you with these and many other types of tickets. Some of the other ticket types we might be able to get lowered or dismissed include the following:


  • Cell phone use while driving
  • Blocking the box
  • Tailgating


Depending on the severity of the infraction you’re being accused of, you could even be charged with reckless driving. You might even get a ticket for something you didn’t know you were doing wrong, which is just one more reason to consult with a Hell’s Kitchen traffic ticket lawyer.

Risks and Penalties for Traffic Citations

There is much at risk when you get a traffic ticket. Not only do you face fines, surcharges, and possible jail time, but you also risk getting points on your license. If you acquire six points within eighteen months, you’ll be facing a $100 fee every year for three years on top of your fines for the ticket.


If you amass eleven points within an eighteen-month period, then your license will most likely be suspended. Even before that point, every point you receive will cause your insurance rates to go up, which means that the fine you pay is just the beginning of a ticket’s true cost.


Because the negative consequences increase with every point, it’s a good idea to fight every ticket you receive. The next ticket might not be possible to beat, so you don’t want to accept a ticket today that could have been dismissed.

Contact a Hell’s Kitchen Traffic Violation Lawyer

We all make mistakes when driving, and it’s certainly true that nobody’s perfect. It pays to have someone on your side when it comes to traffic tickets, which can cost you financially and have a huge impact on your life. Find out if you can beat your ticket by contacting the Law Office of James Medows.


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