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Hell’s Kitchen Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Don’t let a speeding ticket ruin your driving record. Find out how to beat your citation by working with a Hell’s Kitchen speeding ticket lawyer.

Driving a little too fast and getting a speeding ticket happens to drivers every day. While a speeding violation certainly isn’t the end of the world, it can have serious consequences—especially financially.


While many people don’t realize it, it’s entirely possible to challenge a speeding ticket in court and win. You can increase your chances for a successful outcome by having a qualified Hell’s Kitchen speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side.

Understanding the Speeding Ticket Point System in New York

New York traffic violations vary in point assessment, ranging from two to eleven, depending on the violation. The average ticket comes with a point value ranging from three to five. When it comes to speeding, the number of points varies depending on how fast you were going at the time the officer clocked you:


  • 1–10 mph over the speed limit results in three points
  • 11–20 mph over the speed limit results in four points
  • 21–30 mph over the speed limit results in six points
  • 31–40 mph over the speed limit results in eight points
  • More than 40 mph over the speed limit results in eleven points


While a speeding violation with a three-point value doesn’t seem like a major issue, it can quickly turn into a problem if you are assessed another violation at the same time or if you have previous violations on your record already. You have the best chance dismissing or reducing the ticket if you have a Hell’s Kitchen speeding ticket lawyer working on your case.

Driver Assessment Program

In the state of New York, an accumulation of six points within eighteen months means that you will have to pay driver assessment fees. These fees are a minimum of $100 per year for three years. There is an additional $25 fee per point over the first six; plus, there are additional surcharges and fees for drug- and alcohol-related charges, starting at $250 per year.

License Suspensions in New York

For drivers who have a total of eleven points, a speeding ticket can cost you your license. You can avoid this by taking a point and insurance reduction program (PIRP) course, which will subtract four points from the number used to calculate whether you receive a suspension.


The PIRP course will not change the number of points used to calculate your driver assessment fees, nor will they actually come off your driving record. Your insurance company may or may not consider the program when determining rate increases.

Contact a Hell’s Kitchen Speeding Violation Lawyer

A citation for speeding isn’t a conviction until you pay the fine. Talk to an experienced Hell’s Kitchen speeding ticket lawyer about your driving record and the circumstances surrounding your ticket. We may be able to help you avoid additional fees and complications. In many cases, we can get the ticket reduced or even dismissed entirely.


If you have received a speeding ticket in Hell’s Kitchen, you don’t have to just accept it. Let the Law Office of James Medows help. Call 917-856-1247 or fill out the form below to get started with a free and confidential consultation.

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