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Harlem Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

The enforcement of stop sign rules in Harlem is spotty at best and unfair at worst. If you need help fighting your stop sign ticket, contact a Harlem stop sign ticket attorney.

Traffic tickets are expensive, and fighting them is time consuming. You have more important things to worry about. But even though it’s difficult, contesting a ticket can be important because the costs are often far greater than just the fines.

If you’re facing a traffic citation involving a stop sign violation, you’ll benefit from the services of a Harlem stop sign ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We can collect and examine all the evidence before it’s too late.


Stop Sign Ticket Basics

There are several laws regarding stops signs, but the main idea is to fully stop at the painted marker or where it would be and to yield right of way until it is your turn to proceed or it is safe to do so.

Most tickets are given for running straight through a sign or rolling through without fully stopping. It may seem minor, but running a stop sign can be deadly, so police and judges enforce these laws strictly.


Penalties for Running or Rolling Through a Stop Sign

When you get a ticket for a stop sign violation in Harlem, the costs are high, and they vary depending on how many convictions you have had within the last eighteen months.

The following list breaks down the penalties for stop sign violations in New York:

  • Your first conviction carries a fine of not more than $150 or imprisonment for not more than fifteen days or both.
  • Your second conviction within eighteen months carries a fine of not more than $300 or imprisonment for not more than forty-five days or both.
  • Your third conviction within eighteen months carries a fine of not more than $450 or imprisonment for not more than ninety days or both.

These all include three points added to your license. Three-point penalties can quickly reach six total, which will force you to pay an annual surcharge totaling around $450. Reaching eleven points gets your license suspended until you pay to take and pass a class. The real pain begins when your insurance agency hikes your rates, possibly for up to three years. Your insurance company may also take the opportunity to dump you at its next opportunity.


Possible Defense Against a Harlem Stop Sign Ticket

Some defenses for stop sign violations can hinge on your visibility to the ticketing officer. Perhaps you stopped but were rolling forward to see further around the corner before proceeding fully into the intersection, but all the officer saw was the last half.

We might also be able to say that the officer’s view of your position was impeded by bushes or another obstacle. However we decide to go about it, we will work hard to get your case dismissed or at least have the penalties decreased.


Contact a Harlem Stop Sign Violation Lawyer

The typical fallout from a stop sign ticket is avoidable, but you’ll need to seek out a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows to help you wade through the legal jargon and relentless forms, as well as speak to the judge.

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