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Grand Larceny Lawyer Brooklyn

Charged with grand larceny or felony?

Grand Larceny Lawyer BrooklynTerms like “identity theft” and “credit card fraud” have become common place in our daily lexicon. We are warned of such threats, besieged by options for protection, and reminded constantly of actual victims of such crimes. Equally rampant are stories of executives embezzling funds, corporate executives pillaging retirement coffers, and people of all ranks defrauding insurance companies. And consider the financial breaches into companies and stores where you shop every day, putting all your financial information at risk!

Anyone who perpetrates such crimes is guilty of grand larceny, a felony that can result in extensive fines and long prison terms. If you or a loved one is facing a charge of grand larceny, you should immediately contact an expert and dedicated attorney who will vigorously defend you against this serious allegation. Attempting to negotiate the complexities of the New York legal system and the levels of grand larceny charges will likely not lead to a happy ending. But the Law Office of James Medows has extensive expertise in these areas and can work with you to provide the best possible outcome for your case.

The main factor distinguishinggr and larceny from other kinds of theft, such as pilfering a sweater from a department store or leaving a restaurant with the bill unpaid, is the amount of money involved. Generally, stealing any sum in excess of $1,000.00 qualifies as grand larceny. But cash and credit or debit cards are hardly the only products that can generate charges of grand larceny.Eligible property includes computers, computer data, computer programs, gas, steam, water, electricity, secret scientific material, vehicles, firearms, religious vestments or documents, devices intended for use in stealing such information as telephone numbers, and any type of ammonia or ammonia gas intended for the use in developing methamphetamine.

Materials can be stolen directly from an individual (pick pocketing—no minor offense), from a home or car, from a church or other place of religious worship, from the internet, from personal computers,from bank accounts, or from an ATM. Stealing an ATM itself is also a theft of grand larceny. Extortionor blackmail, which means forcing someone to give you any kind of property through threats of any kind, also constitutes grand larceny. Defrauding wealthy parents of their fortunes is grand larceny, as is transferring property from its rightful owner to someone else.

If you or a loved one are charged with grand larceny, you are facing more than just legal issues. Your job, your reputation, your credit, and much more are at stake. James Medows is a top-rated defense attorney who can guide you through the coils of the insidious criminal system and strive for the most favorable result. What can James do? He can, for example, negotiate the actual degree of grand larceny with which you are charged—and there are several. He can determine the issue of “intent,” which is a crucial judicial element. He can argue whether sufficient evidence exists to link you to the crime, raising the question of “reasonable doubt.”

[youtube id=”zXlTvEPTszI” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=””]He can suggest that you in good faith felt you had a right to the material. He can seek inconsistencies in testimony, mistakes in evidence collection, and other flaws in the arresting process that can work in your favor. These are not matters that you can handle yourself. As a proven expert in grand larceny cases, James will assiduously and relentlessly examine every aspect of your case from start to finish, exploring every option to resolve your case in a positive way that preserves your clean record, your reputation, and your future.

Tales of grand larceny have long captured the public imagination, from the Great Train Robbery to the theft of the Crown Jewels to the astounding removal of the revered Mona Lisa from the Paris Louvre. When George Clooney and his minions bilked three Las Vegas hotels of some $160 million in the film Ocean’s Eleven, most viewers were amused and probably delighted. (Still, they did have to return the money.)

But people actually caught in these capers face grave and lifelong consequences. You likely won’t be accused of stealing the Pink Panther diamond, but if you face any kind of grand larceny charge, you should immediately contact James Medows for the best and most effective representation to get you through what promises to be a horrific experience. His reassurance and expertise will be vital in guiding you through this dark period and back to a life of hope and promise.

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