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Flatbush Traffic Ticket Lawyer


Receiving a traffic ticket in Flatbush or any other area of New York City is nothing to take lightly. The state of New York has a very rigid driver violation point system with high point values for several common violations. A simple misstep within a certain time period could cost you hundreds of dollars in fees in addition to the fine for the violation itself.


How the New York State Point System Works

Speeding violations in NYC start at three points and can range all the way up to eleven points depending on how many miles over the speed limit you were accused of traveling. Reckless driving is worth five points, while tailgating is worth four. Child safety restraint violations, improper passing, and disobeying traffic signals and signs are all worth three points.


Violations that involve texting or using your cell phone are automatically five points. There are a number of different traffic violations you could find yourself up against. Each one has the potential to add points to your drivers license. You might be surprised at how quickly they can pile up.


Why Is the Point System Important?

A three- or four-point violation might seem insignificant, but a year and a half is a long time, and a second ticket could cost you quite a bit. Anyone who accumulates six points or more in an eighteen-month period will have to pay a driver responsibility assessment fee. This fee is automatically $100 per year if you have six points on your license. Add $25 per point for every point over the first six.


Once you get to eleven points, your license will automatically be suspended. As you can guess, this can change your life completely and affect whether you can get to and from your job or care for your family.


What’s Really at Risk?

The average person would be hard-pressed to pay hundreds of dollars extra per year to the state because of a traffic violation. Plus, the driver responsibility assessment fee doesn’t include whatever rate increase your insurance company will assess you due to your new points.


Escalation to the point of license revocation could jeopardize your job and your livelihood. In serious cases involving multiple violations, you could even face jail time.


Speak with a Flatbush Traffic Violation Lawyer

This is why it’s important to consult a qualified Flatbush traffic ticket lawyer, especially if you don’t think you deserved the ticket. The Law Office of James Medows has the experience and knowledge you need to navigate New York’s traffic violation system in order to avoid long-term consequences. You don’t have to just accept the ticket and the penalties that come with it; you might have more options than you think.


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