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03 Jan Find My Traffic Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use

Find My Traffic Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use

According to, one thing you want to avoid when you get issued with a traffic ticket is failing to answer it, as this may come with consequences including the suspension of your license. However, sometimes you may not be ignoring your ticket but may have lost, misplaced, or even damaged it. If you can’t find your traffic ticket and you know that a deadline to respond or show in court is fast approaching, what do you do? The answer of how you can find your ticket in such a situation depends on where the ticket was issued as well as what information you may have available concerning your charge. Be it as it may, according to, if you know that you have a traffic ticket issued in your name but have lost it and don’t know the ticket number, where you received it, or what to do next, you need to find it as ignoring the ticket won’t make it go away and will only lead to the eventual suspension of your driver’s license. Additionally, if you ignore your traffic ticket even after having your license suspended, then you be found guilty of the traffic charge by default in what is referred to as a ‘default conviction’. So, if you are looking for your traffic ticket, this article will provide tips to help you find it while also articulating reasons to use the top-rated

Finding a New York City traffic ticket

If your traffic ticket was issued in New York City and its 5 boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island, then you will have an easier time replacing or finding information about it if you lost it according to This is because if you have been charged with a moving violation in New York City at the TVB, and you know your ticket number, you can find and check your ticket’s status online on the TVB’s website. To conduct this search, you will either need your NYS client ID number from your driver’s license or your name and date of birth. According to, for out of state drivers, given that the name must be entered exactly the way the officer did on the summons for the name search to work, they may be better served using their ID number. As is also covered over at, the second part of the search is either the last four digits of your social security number or a ticket number.

Finding a New York City traffic ticket with your ticket number

If you don’t know your ticket number, and the social security number isn’t working, then the top-rated points out that you can still try the website using a ‘dummy’ number matching the TVB format (try 4211111111). This is because sometimes the dummy number will get you a “we didn’t find that, but you do have these tickets…” type of message. If this hack doesn’t work or you are having trouble locating your traffic ticket online, then you can always visit any of the TVB offices and one of the clerks will help you out. As per, it is also worth noting that a newly issued ticket can take a few days to show in the system so if you were just issued a TVB traffic ticket, and you don’t see it online when checking, then you should make sure that you check back again after a few days.

Finding a criminal (pink) ticket in New York City

Remember, as is articulated over at, while non-violent traffic violations in New York City are handled by the TVB, vehicle, and traffic law misdemeanors are handled by a criminal court. Therefore, if you have been charged with such offenses, which include Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (driving while suspended or revoked) or Reckless Driving, then to find your ticket, you should try WEBCRIMS and login as a public user. If you can’t find your ticket on WEBCRIMS, as not all cases will be visible or entered there, then recommends that you can pay a visit to the court(s) in the borough where the summons was issued to track your ticket down and make sure that the matter is handled and doesn’t come back to bite you.

Finding Nassau County/ Westchester County/ All Upstate, local court traffic tickets when you know which court the tickets are answerable to

If you have been issued with a traffic ticket in one of the local village, city, town, or county courts, and you know which court the ticket was answerable to, then as covered over at, you can just call the court directly. The court clerk can then update you on the status of the case and what you need to do to proceed, or get things back on track if you have missed deadlines. According to, the court clerk will help you whether you know your ticket number or not, and they will ask you for the information they need to assist you.

Finding Nassau County/ Westchester County/ All Upstate, local court traffic tickets when you don’t know which court the tickets are answerable to

On the other hand, if you don’t know which court is handling your case, then finding a non-TVB traffic ticket can be quite tricky. This is because, according to, there are many courts in each county, and you may literally have to call each one of them individually. If you remember that your ticket was issued near or around a certain town or certain exit on a highway, you can use a court directory and map to narrow your options down and create a list of two or three courts in and around that area to contact. The same will apply if you have been charged with a misdemeanor, and you will have to contact the court directly. If you are unable to figure out which local court your case is in, then you will, unfortunately, have no choice but to wait. As articulated over at, there is a procedure that should kick in and eventually provide you with the information you need as once the court in question deems you “late” on some deadline to answer or appear in court, they will notify the DMV, which will, in turn, send you a notification that you will need to respond to a particular court by a certain date or risk suspension. You can then take this opportunity to respond and get things back on track with your case.

Hopefully, the above discussion will help you find your traffic ticket to ensure that you avoid missing deadlines, something that may lead to a suspension. The top-rated can also help you if you are in such a position, not only in finding your traffic ticket but also in helping you fight it.