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17 Nov Fighting a New York City Speed-Camera Ticket

If you receive a speeding-camera ticket in New York City, it will likely be because you were speeding in a school zone. These cameras are strategically posted in school zones throughout the city, and it may take as long as thirty days before the citation appears in your mailbox. Once you have it in hand, be sure to address it quickly as you only have thirty days in which to contest it in court.


The Rules for Speeding Cameras

According to the State, speeding cameras can turn on up to an hour before and up to an hour after the school day. The tricky part is that they can also be operational on vacation days if there are activities going on inside of the building.

This is something many people don’t realize, and without knowing that children are in the building, few drivers slow down during a known school break. This, however, can easily lead to surprise speeding tickets in the mail.


How to Fight a New York City Speed-Camera Ticket

Just because you receive a ticket, it does not necessarily mean that you will be found guilty if you choose to contest it. You have the right to do so in traffic court.

The type of defense that you use should depend on your particular situation, which is why your best course of action is contacting the Law Office of James Medows for help. Some of the common defenses that might be used for your case are as follows:

  • Cameras on at the Wrong Time – It’s possible that the camera was either turned on too early or turned off too late. This defense works best when you are on the edge of the activation/deactivation time.
  • Equipment Malfunction – The speeding cameras need to be tested daily. If they are not, then we could make the case that they clocked your speed incorrectly and that your ticket is therefore invalid.
  • You Weren’t Driving – In New York, the ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. If this is you, but you weren’t driving, you could deny the charges, but you will need to indicate the actual driver.
  • Misidentified Vehicle – If there are multiple cars driving by a camera, a ticket is typically not issued because they cannot verify which vehicle was speeding. If the speed-camera ticket clearly shows another vehicle next to you, a case could be made that they clocked the wrong one.
  • Your Car Was Stolen – If your vehicle was stolen and you were not driving, this is a good defense, but you will need the police report to back up your story.


Work with an NYC Speed-Camera Ticket Lawyer

When you retain an attorney to fight your ticket, we will need to request an in-person hearing before a judge. An administrative law judge will hear your case and make a decision on the spot after we present your defense. It’s possible that you may not even need to be present during your hearing.

For a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the Law Office of James Medows via text or cell at 917-856-1247 or reach us using the contact form on this page.

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