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What to Do When You are Pulled Over in NYC

What to Do When You are Pulled Over in NYCBecause of some of the recent issues between police officers and citizens, many people are asking what to do when you are pulled over in NYC. The simplest answer is to do what is asked of you, but it really goes beyond that if you want to avoid complicating issues with law enforcement. As a citizen, you do have certain rights, but you also have an obligation to follow the law yourself. It’s important to understand your own responsibilities while also learning how to protect your rights.

Protect Yourself

Make sure that you find a safe area to pull over. Continue following the speed limit as you search for a location to stop but don’t feel obligated to pull over into an area that is unsafe for you or the officer. Once you are pulled over, have your license, registration, and insurance card ready for the police officer. Some drivers are more comfortable using their phone to record traffic stops. While this is your option, it’s important to make sure you continuously follow the law.

Know Your Rights

Citizens do have certain rights when they are pulled over, and you may be within the letter of the law to demand those rights. You might also face a more severe penalty if you do. Just keep in mind that citizen’s rights are there to protect you, not to try and push the buttons of an officer who is doing his job. For example, there are only certain situations in which the officer can legally search your car.

When an officer asks you to step out of the car, you don’t really have to, but it might make things go smoother. There is a good chance that the officer is asking you to do this to protect themselves. They just don’t want to deal with the possibility that you might have a hidden weapon you are going to pull out when they glance away. If the officer doesn’t have a warrant and asks to search the car, you can refuse, but this may lead to making the issue worse. The office has the right to search your vehicle in the following instances:

  • If you are arrested
  • If you have obvious contraband within sight
  • If you have given the officer reason to believe that you might hide evidence

Ramifications of Refusal to Test

When you get your driver’s license, most states assume you are agreeing to drive safely, which also means you agree to provide evidence of the fact that you aren’t using chemicals when you drive. To this end, you can refuse a chemical test, but you could pay a hefty fine and face a suspended license as a result.

Knowing what to do when you are pulled over in NYC requires knowing your rights, but also knowing when to use common sense and determining when to apply those rights or waive them temporarily. If you think you did everything you should and the stop was unfair or went worse than it should have, contact James Medows online or call or text (917) 856-1247 to help you resolve the matter.

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