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How Can I Reduce Points?

While the New York State Driver Point System is fairly straightforward in how points are allocated, reducing the points on a driving record can be frustratingly complicated.

Many drivers nearing the point limit find themselves asking, “How do I reduce points?” The simplest solution is to have a New York traffic attorney on your side when you contest the ticket.

How Can I Reduce Points: In Court

Truthfully, the best way to keep points off your record is to proactively fight traffic tickets and prevent them from accumulating to begin with. A New York traffic attorney can help you gather evidence and devise a defense that may be able to prove your innocence, thereby avoiding the points for that infraction.

Even if you can’t avoid a penalty, it may be feasible to have the violation reduced, so that fewer points go on your record. Again, an attorney is your best option for ensuring you receive the fewest points possible for your ticket.

How Can I Reduce Points: Point and Insurance Reduction Program

There is a driver safety program, known as the Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP), that you can take to reduce the number of accumulated points on your license.

In truth, taking a PIRP class does not truly remove points from your license; however, it does reduce the number of points used for the purpose of calculating a suspension. So if you are at or over the point limit, taking a PIRP can give you some additional breathing room—four points worth to be exact.

Taking the course takes approximately 320 minutes of your time, but it is well worth the time investment if your situation requires considering the question “how can I reduce points.”

How Can I Reduce Points: Time

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, once eighteen months have passed from a ticket’s violation date, the point total for that particular violation will no longer apply to your overall total.

However, the points remain on your driving record for as long as the conviction stands. This is why it is critical to be represented by a New York traffic attorney who can work to get the conviction waived or reduced, preventing or reducing the accumulation of points to begin with.

Consult a New York Traffic Attorney

It’s always best to avoid accumulating points on your record so you never have to seek answers for “how can I reduce points.” Regardless of the type of traffic violation you have been ticketed with, James Medows, Traffic Ticket Lawyer, can help you find a way to prevent or reduce the number of points you receive.

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