How Can an NYC Ticket Affect My Out-of-State Drivers License

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How Can an NYC Traffic Ticket Affect My Out-of-State Drivers License

The worst has happened: You’re in New York City for business or on vacation, and you get a traffic ticket. What happens now? Obviously, you have to take care of the ticket in a far more expedient manner than someone from the area since your time is limited, but how will this affect you and your out-of-state drivers license?

License Suspension

Unfortunately, you can’t just go back home and forget about your ticket in New York City. If you don’t answer the ticket in New York and you are from any state other than Alaska, Michigan, California, Wisconsin, Oregon, or Montana, you’re looking at your license being suspended. If you are from one of the listed states, you aren’t necessarily facing license suspension, but you should probably answer the ticket anyway if you ever want to return to New York.


When you commit a traffic violation that would cause your license to be suspended in New York, many states will suspend your license at home if the violation would have caused a suspension there. To be safe, it’s always best to take care of the ticket as soon as possible. A traffic ticket lawyer from our office can help you determine the best way to take care of your citation.

Points on Your License

Many people believe that points on a drivers license from another state can’t transfer to their home state. This is simply untrue. Many states will assess the points given by another state, and they will give you the full amount for the traffic ticket you received.


Residents of New Jersey face getting two points per out-of-state ticket—no matter how many points they would have received in the state where the offense was committed. California has a similar way to deal with out-of-state tickets: one point for minor violations and two points for major violations.


Even worse, if you accrue eleven points in New York, you can no longer drive within the state.

Fighting the Ticket

Many people do not bother to fight a ticket from another state because they assume it would require travel to the state where the violation occurred, which is an even bigger inconvenience than just paying the ticket. The good news is that our firm might be able to help you avoid appearing in court.


While the easy way out is to be very careful when driving in another state, sometimes people make mistakes. Your best course of action is to consult with a lawyer and not just plead guilty to the ticket. Pleading guilty and accepting the fine might seem easier, but you’re looking at more problems and more money in the long run.

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