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Can I handle a traffic ticket myself?

Can I handle a traffic ticket myselfIf you’re wondering if you can handle a traffic ticket yourself, you may want to take a closer look at the penalties that are associated with your ticket. These penalties aren’t just limited to the cost of the ticket itself. Consider the effect of additional points on your license as well as some of the indirect expenses and how the ticket might impact other areas of your life. If it seems like too much, then it may be time to realize that this isn’t a ticket you want to handle on your own. Instead, seek out an experienced traffic ticket lawyer immediately so that an experienced professional can handle it for you.

First Time Offenders

If the offense is a minor traffic violation and you are a first- time offender, this is probably the best scenario for handling a ticket on your own. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you should just walk in and pay the ticket. You may want to speak with the courts about getting a reduced charge and fine. In other situations, the laws that govern traffic tickets can be very complicated and pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can result in fines and penalties outside of that individual ticket. In these cases, you almost never want to try and handle the ticket on your own. Instead, attorney James Medows can navigate the process for you and help you reach the best possible outcome.

Traffic Ticket Expenses and Penalties

When it comes to the expenses and penalties associated with traffic tickets, there is more than meets the eye. Even first-time offenders may have unexpected penalties if they plead guilty and pay the ticket. The violation itself comes with its own fine, but this is sometimes just the beginning. As points accumulate on your license, the fines add up. Once you plead guilty to a ticket, the points associated with the violation are applied to your license. Too many points will result in fees associated with excessive points. These fees are paid yearly and can include individual fees per point, per year, depending on the number of points on your license. Excessive points and certain violations can also lead to a suspended license.

Indirect Driver’s License Issues

Outside of points, fines, and suspension are other issues you may not want to handle on your own. For instance, did you refuse to take a breathalyzer? This act alone can result in a suspended license. But, what happens when you refuse a breathalyzer because of a medical issue, like having loose front teeth that may come out? It’s difficult handling these situations on your own. Further, you will need to deal with adjustments to your insurance rate, and you may even face employment issues because of the ticket.

In short, when you ask “Can I handle a traffic ticket myself?” you’re really asking if you are able to learn, understand, and manage all the elements outside of the ticket as well as the ticket itself. In many cases, the average citizen is just not prepared to manage this overwhelming process alone and is better off hiring experienced legal representation. Contact James Medows online or call or text (917) 856-1247 immediately.

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