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21 May Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews

Shirin Madaliyeva

If you are looking for best traffic lawyer in NYC, LOOK NO FURTHER. You have found it.

I was issued two violations for the same occurrence in Brooklyn, I would get 5 points if found guilty. Although I thought I was innocent I did not dare to go to court myself because 1. it’s almost impossible to win in NYC traffic courts, 2. when it’s your word against cop’s word who do you think judge gonna side with.

I heard countless stories about the traffic lawyers from my friends and almost all of them lost. Those few who won were lucky because cop didn’t show up for court hearing and judge dismissed the case.

I found referral for James Medows online and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this as someone may read and get help. That person said that he tried countless lawyers in NYC and could recommend Mr. Medows only. I sent him message through his site, immediately he called me back. He’s fast talker, straight to the point, zero BS, values your and his time. He said he’ll try to beat the tickets but there’s no guarantee. He said how much it’s gonna cost and I paid online. Although he was more pricey than regular traffic lawyers he is WORTH every cent, and MUCH, MUCH more. And I paid one fee only because both tickets were issued by the same cop. Mr. Medows postponed the case once, called me few days before the court hearing to discuss the strategy and on next date he beat both tickets. He DID it!!! I would have spent thousands in fines and increased insurance premiums and talk about the headache dealing with consequences. And I didn’t have to appear in the court which saved me money too.

When you go out to dine you wanna food cooked by someone who knows what he is doing, same thing about any other service. Now let me tell you one thing – this is the lawyer that knows what he is doing. Simply the best.

Ahmed Zanati

Yes he is the best of the best….Mr James Medows got me dismissal even though I gave him my (6points) speeding ticket 6 days before the court date. He had the chance to just reschedule and pay the bond, but he actually got me the dismissal from the first time. In minutes my bond was refunded. Very professional and straight forward person. Thank you so much.

After doing business with James Medows I was very satisfied. When I first met him he informed me what can and may not happen in a professional mannar I was comfortable and please to hire him for a traffic ticket I have gotten. James didn’t disppoinment me not even when I referred him to a friend he got the case dismissed. Now he handle a few traffic ticket I have gotten and recently all I been getting was dismissed, dismissed and dismissed thanks James appreciate you very much.

Mr Meadows fought a moving violation ticket for me. He was extremely communicative throughout the process on what to expect and the timeline. In the end, he was able to procure a not guilty verdict for me which was a wonderful ending to an overall positive and professional experience. I️ would recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat.

James Medows is awesome he knows what he’s doing I highly recommend him to anyone with a traffic issue…
He’s worth every penny and you will be satisfied trust me……

I found James Medows when I needed a traffic court attorney. It was well worth the investment, as he remained in contact from the first day I contacted him about my case until the day my case was closed. He is very helpful and knowledgeable, and thanks to James, I was found not guilty of both my tickets, saving me about $2000 in insurance costs and DMV fines. I highly recommend James Medows to anyone who needs a reliable and successful traffic attorney.

Mr. Meadows is a real professional and knows the traffic laws inside out. He really cares, very responsive and always doing his best. Very satisfied with the service and the result, he just saved me from getting 3 points on my driving record! Try him if you get any traffic violations and you won’t regret.

James is upfront and straightforward with his legal counsel, helping sort through all the frightening ambiguities of the law. I’m impressed by his demeanor and his willingness to fight as hard as it takes for his clients. I would definitely recommend his services to someone who is facing criminal prosecution.

Great Help! Saved me my money and gave me honest feedback on a case! and still offered helped afterwards.