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East Village Traffic Ticket Lawyer

There’s no doubt that nobody wants to get pulled over for a traffic ticket. Even worse, it always seems to happen when you least expect it. Sometimes you don’t realize you are driving a little faster than the speed limit or you forget to signal as you’re changing lanes. Before you know it, flashing lights are in your rearview mirror and you get ticketed.


Most people want to move on and just admit guilt, pay the fine, and accept points on their record to avoid any inconvenience. The truth is that this is a costly mistake due to the fines and surcharges. And not only that, but your insurance rates will also increase as long as those points are on your record.


Don’t admit guilt after getting a ticket! Instead, get in touch with an East Village traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows to discuss your options on how to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a lesser violation.


About New York Driving Points and Fines

The Driver Violation Point System in New York is how the state punishes and identifies high-risk drivers. Points on your driving record are probably the most unfavorable consequence of getting a traffic citation, as they stay on your driving record for eighteen months.


With the vast amount of traffic offenses in New York State, it’s not difficult to accrue points quickly. However, your license will be suspended if you receive eleven points within an eighteen-month time frame.


How Many Points for Your Ticket?

Some of the most common traffic violations and their assigned points are as follows:


If you received a ticket for any of these violations, don’t admit guilt until you contact an East Village traffic ticket lawyer first. You may not have to suffer the consequences.


An East Village Traffic Violation Lawyer Will Help You

A capable East Village traffic ticket lawyer will know the complex traffic laws and the technicalities that may help you preserve your driving record and save you money. We can help you contest your ticket and pursue a dismissal. If that’s not an option, it may still be possible to get the ticket reduced to a lesser charge


For instance, if you get pulled over for driving through a red light, the traffic-light camera footage might prove that the light was not red when you drove through.


Or perhaps the police officer used a radar gun when he pulled you over and after investigating, we determine that the gun was defective or not used properly. There are many other possibilities that can help your case, and only an East Village traffic violation lawyer will know all of the angles available to pursue.


James Medows Is Your East Village Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The best thing you can do after getting pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation is to contact James Medows—an experienced East Village traffic violation lawyer. Call now for a free consultation by dialing 917-856-1247, or fill out our online form on this page.

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