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Have you or a loved one been charged with driving while intoxicated?

Tell the truth: Have you ever had a drink and then gotten behind the wheel of a car? Chances are that, loathe as you are to admit it, the answer is probably yes. Perhaps just a quick one with a colleague after work. Maybe a couple of glasses of wine at dinner. Or a bit of imbibing at a cocktail party. The truth is that many people drink and drive, which is never a good idea, no matter the amount. But any time you do, you run the risk of getting caught, and the result is a nightmare. It’s not a simple traffic ticket violation.

DWI Lawyer Brooklyn

Being charged with a DUI is one of the worst offenses imaginable, for many reasons. Legally, the consequences are complex and severe. Financially, the costs are staggering. Emotionally, the experience is humiliating, wrenching and long-lasting. Fortunately,The Law Office of James Medows can assist you in all of these areas with expert advice as well as compassion.

If you or a loved one are arrested for driving while intoxicated, the first thing you should do is contact a highly qualified lawyer intimately familiar with the

laws of drinking and driving in New York. Although you may be tempted to speak to someone after being arrested, do not say anything until you have an attorney. As you have probably heard so often on television, stay silent and “lawyer up.” Given his years of expertise and detailed knowledge of the system, James Medows is the best lawyer you could choose to help you.

Being charged with a DWI is a complicated crime involving many factors. These include your blood alcohol content (BAC, which indicates how much you have consumed), any prior DWI convictions, whether there is other evidence of physical impairment in your driving regardless of the BAC level, whether you are driving under the influence of drugs, including prescription medications, whether someone is in the car with you, the age of any passenger, and whether injury or death is caused by your driving.

To navigate the intricacies of these rules and regulations, you must have a knowledgeable attorney well qualified to understand, interpret, and explain these decrees, one who can ensure that your rights are protected. James has the command and authority to handle these matters adeptly and to closely examine the language and methods of investigation used, always keeping your needs foremost.

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Consulting James is also essential to make sure that you receive the most positive outcome for your situation. Cases of DWI have become increasingly contentious, with various advocacy groups promoting awareness and demanding ever harsher punishments for offenders. The issue is heated and emotional, even among those guilty of the deed but who were never caught. Because of this increased furor, law enforcement officials, from police officers to judges, are under increased pressure to be more aggressive and harsh in treatments.

The potential consequences of being charged with a DWI are grim: prison time, a felony record, enormous fines and fees, suspension or revocation of your license, seizure of your vehicle, mandatory counseling or rehabilitation programs—which can be costly indeed—and attendance at a drug courtor driver education program. Like most states, New York has also instigated ignition interlock devices, which require that drivers blow into a mouthpiece whenever starting a vehicle to ensure that they have no alcohol in their system. The cost of installing and maintaining this device is not cheap, and the amount of time the device must remain in the vehicle is subject to the DWI charge and other factors—and all costs are, of course, to be paid by the defendant. Besides this array of daunting consequences, an offender convicted of a DWI faces the prospects of job loss, inability to obtain insurance or bonding, loss of voting privileges, difficulties in obtaining a passport, and other penalties and obstacles.

One of the most horrendous effects of a DWI charge is the regret and self-reproach an individual must endure, a painful and lonely journey that can last for years. While a few people may casually discard the offense after a short time, most people suffer great shame and remorse, seeking solace, forgiveness, and understanding wherever they can find it. But that is not always easy, for DWI charges are very unforgiving, akin in the minds of many people to rape and murder, and they can scar you for life. You will likely find no compassion in the legal system—from officers, judges, probation or parole supervisors, prosecutors, attorneys, or anyone else in the system. Friends may abandon you, and even family members may reject you.

James will not. He will stand by as your friend and advocate, and while he may give tough advice and suggestions, he will not judge you, and he will offer any kindness he can to help you through this ordeal. James understands that a DWI charge can capsize your life in an instant, and he will do all he can to help you regain your self-confidence and self-esteem. Despite the many attempts of society to preclude any forgiveness or clemency, James will work to help you move forward and put past tragedies behind you, where they belong.

For the finest legal guidance, the most committed and dedicated attorney, and the most compassionate professional to assist you or a loved one with a charge of DWI, do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of James Medows.

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