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10 Dec Do police officers need to meet quotas in issuing tickets?

Do police officers need to meet quotas in issuing tickets?

It is an unfortunate fact that in many jurisdictions, especially those with well-established speed traps, police officers are expected to write X number of tickets every month. Police officers who fall behind are subjected to reprimands and even termination. In addition, as money is tight across government agencies and many municipalities depend on revenue from issuing tickets, cops tend to get more pressure from superiors to write tickets. The best way around such pressure is by hiring an experienced traffic attorney in NYC like John Zucchi when dealing with traffic violations. Not only will they be able to take care of your ticket or charge and fight it in court if necessary but they will also know how and where these quotas exist and how best work around them.

There’s a common perception that police officers are given ticket quotas and have monetary incentives for writing tickets. But these types of public perceptions and accusations can cause legal problems if police are being forced or induced into meeting ticketing requirements. For example, if an officer is issued a court summons for failing to meet these quotas (or, worse yet, is disciplined by his/her department), he/she has grounds for filing a claim against his/her employer, who may in turn file a retaliatory discharge lawsuit. Sometimes officers who believe they were terminated or otherwise punished because they didn’t reach their quotas will pursue claims based on discrimination and retaliation. If you think that’s unfair treatment – which it most certainly is – there are options available.

Do Police Officers Have To Meet Quotas in Issuing Tickets? In many states, traffic officers are required to issue so many tickets per month or year. Are they also required to meet quotas for number of arrests and other policing activities? The answer is that many police departments do not require their officers to meet quotas in issuing citations or performing any other tasks. However, officers are more likely to get into trouble if they do not meet these quota requirements than if they exceed them by substantial amounts. Any law enforcement officer should know whether quotas exist where he or she works and how they affect individual actions like issuing tickets.