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03 Jan Do Insurance Rates Go Up if I Get a Speeding Ticket in New York? 5 Reasons to Use

Do Insurance Rates Go Up if I Get a Speeding Ticket in New York? 5 Reasons to Use

As is covered over at, a speeding conviction will be reported on your New York State driving record. If you are insured in New York, then this may affect your insurance as insurance agencies review driving records annually to renew policies and calculate rates according to the number of points on one’s driving record. This is because insurance companies perceive a driver who has received numerous New York speeding tickets within one year as a potential hazard in terms of auto accidents, which is why they will look to increase premiums for such drivers. How much you will pay for your car insurance after a speeding ticket depends on various factors including how fast you were driving your state, your insurance company, and your driving record. In the state of New York, on average, your insurance rates will go up about 12%, which is a hike of $146 if you are 11 to 16 mph over the speed limit and 18%, which is a hike of $219 if you are over 16 mph over the speed limit. The law governing this topic is, however, written confusingly, and insurance companies may not always follow the law when it comes to hiking rates after a speeding ticket. This is why the best way to keep your rates down after getting a speeding ticket is to get a good lawyer, like those over at The following are 5 reasons why you should use them if you get a speeding ticket and want to keep your insurance rates down.

They will look to get the ticket dismissed

The best outcome if you choose to fight a speeding ticket, according to the gurus over at, is to get it dismissed. This will ensure that you don’t end up with any points against your driving record, which in turn will prevent your insurance provider from increasing your premiums. For the best outcomes, you want to work with a top-rated experienced speeding ticket lawyer if you are to get your ticket dismissed. The lawyers over at will know where the errors are and know how to get a speeding ticket dismissed, which is why you should use them if you have been hit by one and are worried that your insurance provider will hike your premiums.

They will try and get a reduction to a non-moving violation

As any good speeding ticket lawyer will tell you, including those over at, no one can guarantee you a dismissal when it comes to speeding tickets. This means that, while getting your speeding ticket dismissed is the best possible outcome, it is not always possible, as per However, even if a dismissal isn’t possible, a good lawyer will try and get you a more favorable outcome, which usually means trying to get a reduction of your charge to a non-moving violation with no points. Given that non-moving violations have no points, they will not affect your insurance, which is why you should use if you are in such a situation as they have the experience and know-how to have speeding tickets reduced to non-moving violations, ensuring that your premiums don’t go up.

They will help get you a point reduction

Another way to ensure that your insurance premiums don’t go up after receiving a speeding ticket is hiring an experienced New York traffic attorney, like the attorneys over at the highly-rated, to try and get you a points reduction to below the threshold above which a hike will be triggered by your insurance provider. There means looking to bring your charge down towards a 2-point violation that, which don’t seem to affect insurance, something the lawyers over at will try for. A good New York traffic attorney like those over at will always get your points and fine reduced if you get a speeding ticket, and reducing them to 2 or 3 points will ensure that your insurance rates are not affected.

They understand the New York system

The state of New York has got two different realities when it comes to traffic violations. If you get a speeding ticket on New York City, parts of Long Island, and the cities of Rochester and Buffalo, then your case will be heard in the Traffic Violations Bureau. While the TVB can be complicated, and there is no plea bargaining there, the lawyers over at are highly experienced when it comes to dealing with cases over there and win a substantial number of these cases hence why you should use them. For the rest of New York, you will have the option to plea bargain and make a deal and the lawyers over at are experts at that and will try and get you a deal that ensures your insurance remains unaffected.

They understand New York state insurance law

In addition to understanding how the traffic offenses system works in New York as mentioned above, the attorneys over at also have an intimate understanding of the New York state insurance law. This is important as different states have different laws regarding automobile insurance, and your lawyer must understand these laws if they are to give you the best legal advice. The lawyers over at have this area covered and you can count on them to give you the best advice and representation possible and ensure that your insurance remains unaffected when you get a speeding ticket.

From the above discussion, it is clear that if you have received a speeding ticket in New York and are worried that your insurance rates will go up, then hiring to represent you is the best decision you can make.