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27 Mar Desk Appearance Tickets: More Serious than They Sound

Many people who receive a desk appearance ticket in Brooklyn think of it like it sounds—like it’s a ticket. They think they can make some kind of payment, or worse yet, stash it in a glove box and forget about it.

Don’t make that mistake.

A desk appearance ticket is more serious than it sounds, and it deserves your full attention. You’ll most likely want to hire an attorney, as well.

Why You May Get a Desk Appearance Ticket

Law enforcement officers in Kings County might give you a desk appearance ticket, commonly referred to as a DAT. You might receive one if police accuse you of a minor crime and they don’t consider you a “flight risk.”

When and Where to Go for Your DAT

DATs are stamped with dates; yours is the date you need to show up in court for your arraignment. It could be just around the corner or it could be quite a while from now.

Brooklyn DATs are heard in two different courts: the Red Hook Community Court and the court at 120 Schermerhorn Street. You’ll need to double-check what your desk appearance ticket says to be sure about where yours will be heard.

Either way, you can’t miss it. If you do, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest for not appearing in court (and then you’re in a lot more trouble than you were originally).

The Technical Side of a Desk Appearance Ticket

Technically, when you receive a desk appearance ticket, you’ve been arrested—even if the police don’t take you to jail. All the DAT does is change the way you wait for your arraignment. Ordinarily, you’d go to jail, sit there and wait to appear in court; with a DAT, you’re free to go home, go to work and keep up your normal daily activities.

If you have received a desk appearance ticket in Brooklyn, make sure that you talk to an attorney who understands how to protect your rights and who can help you get the best possible outcome when you do go to court. Bringing a lawyer can make a huge difference when you show up in court.

You don’t have to deal with your DAT on your own. I can help you. Just Call or Text Me at 917-856-1247 today and we’ll discuss your options.