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Were you recently pulled over in the Crown Heights area? Did you receive a traffic ticket? If so, you’re going to want to consider your plan of action carefully. While you could certainly pay the fine and accept the penalties, it’s important that you consider the big picture and any long-term repercussions that admitting guilt could have on your life. A Crown Heights traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help.


What’s at Risk with a Traffic Violation?

At a minimum, anyone who receives a traffic ticket in Crown Heights is facing a monetary fine and points on his or her driving record. One or two violations isn’t usually a problem, but in New York, accumulating six or more points means you will be added to the state’s Driver Responsibility Assessment Program for three years.


When you are added to this program, it means that you will have to pay an annual fee of at least $100 per year for having six points on your license within an eighteen-month period. You’ll have to pay an additional fee of $25 per point for every point beyond the first six. Drug or alcohol violations automatically result in a $250 fee per year.  In severe cases, you may be automatically asked to surrender your license.


Multiple Violations Make Things Worse

Most people don’t have to worry about a major insurance increase after just one traffic ticket, but those who already have one can expect to see a hike at the next policy renewal. A moving violation combined with an at-fault accident—even if you have no other violations—almost guarantees a rate increase.


Multiple violations, or serious violations like reckless driving or speeding in certain areas, may result in a policy cancellation. When determining your eligibility, your insurance company can assign a point value for each of your violations based on its own set criteria for underwriting a policy.


As you can see, there’s quite a bit of risk involved when you accept a traffic ticket. You never know when the next ticket will be one that can’t be beaten, so you should consult a qualified Crown Heights traffic ticket lawyer to find out if you have other options.


Do You Need a Crown Heights Traffic Violation Lawyer?

Most people don’t believe they need an attorney when it comes to battling a simple moving violation, especially if it’s their first. However, if you feel you did not deserve the violation, or if you fear you might lose your license or face financial repercussions, working with an experienced Crown Heights traffic ticket lawyer is critical to getting the best possible outcome.


Unfortunately, the New York court system isn’t designed to encourage you to fight traffic violations, so having someone with experience on your side could mean a huge difference to the outcome.


If you or someone you know has received a traffic ticket in the Crown Heights area, you might have more options than you think. Call the Law Office of James Medows at 917-856-1247 or set up a free consultation by filling in the form below.

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