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Child Pornography Lawyer Brooklyn NYA charge of child pornography is serious and potentially damaging, one that can threaten or even destroy your reputation, your livelihood, and even your family. If you or a loved one has been charged with any kind of child abuse, the Law Office of James Medows is ready to offer you experienced and diligent representation.

Child pornography involves many different categories, including indecent photographs, pedophilia, computer-generated art, and much more. The rise of the internet has made this crime increasingly prevalent through digitally enhanced artwork in various media, distribution of child pornography nationally and internationally, and easy access to all manner of indecent child images. Even someone simply browsing online can unwittingly pass through a forbidden site or accidentally download an illegal image, thus becoming ensnared in the ominous net of child obscenity. The frightening truth is that even someone innocent of child pornography can be charged and penalized.

Because of the complexities that child pornography entails, it is imperative that you engage an expert lawyer to protect your rights, and James Medows can bring his extensive knowledge and expertise to help ensure your safety. Call him at 917-856-1247 before you speak to any authorities. As you’ve probably heard on television, “lawyer up” before you do anything else.

What happens to a person who is charged with child pornography or a related sex crime? As programs such as Law and Order have made clear to viewers worldwide, that person’s life can be irreparably damaged, whether guilty or innocent. The crime permanently stigmatizes the individual. The person must register as a sex offender. Obtaining a job or even a place to live is imperiled. The legal, social, psychological, and moral consequences can be wrenching. James understands what is at stake for anyone facing such a serious charge as child pornography and will help to safeguard you from such harsh and humiliating suffering.

Besides the personal and legal battles you face if charged with child pornography, you also face public wrath. Increased public awareness of sex offenses through television, the internet, Amber Alerts, Megan’s Law, and other profile-raising methods have not only made people more cautious and watchful, they have also increased public indignation over such crimes as well as intolerance for any leniency toward offenders. James will apply his extensive skills and dedication to defend you against any such accusations so that you do not face the prospect of wearing a scarlet letter for the rest of your life.

If you or a loved one face any kind of charge regarding child pornography, whether you feel you are guilty or innocent, immediately Call the Law Office of James Medows at 917-856-1247 or for a free consultation. With James, you have the assurance of an expert who will not only strive to ensure the best possible outcome for your case but will also aid you through the emotional ordeal that a charge of child pornography invariably brings.

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