Child Pornography Convictions: The Devastating Effects

17 Oct Child Pornography Convictions: The Devastating Effects

A child pornography charge in Brooklyn or anywhere else can effectively ruin your entire life; everything you’ve worked for can be gone in an instant. The worst part? You don’t even have to be guilty in order to be charged and punished. Many Brooklyn sex crime lawyers have seen it happen, and it could happen to you, too.

About Child Pornography Charges in Brooklyn

Police can charge you with possession of child pornography if you have any indecent photos, computer-generated art or any other illegal depiction of a minor. Remember, even 17-year-olds are still considered children in the eyes of the law; even if you and the subject are close in age, you could still be charged with a crime for possessing pornography that depicts your significant other.

Child Pornography Convictions

If the courts convict you of possessing child pornography, the consequences are dire. You can end up serving time in prison, which is notoriously dangerous for people convicted of sex crimes involving children, and you’ll have to register as a sex offender once you’re out. This can make it incredibly difficult to find employment or a place to live; couple that with the fact that your family may distance themselves from you and you’re fighting an uphill battle from the moment you’re convicted.

Building a Child Pornography Defense

As soon as someone accuses you of possessing child pornography, you need to take action. It’s for your own good. You can’t afford to use the “wait and see” approach, even if you think it may prevent your loved ones from finding out about the case.

You need to call a child pornography lawyer—preferably one in Brooklyn—who can take your case and help ensure that police, investigators or prosecutors don’t violate your rights. It’s particularly important that you work with someone who understands the intricacies of New York law and can help build a strategic defense that ensures the best possible outcome.