Charged with Unemployment Fraud: What Now?

17 Oct Charged with Unemployment Fraud: What Now?

The economy is really, really bad right now. Even people who have jobs are struggling to make ends meet – and it’s not uncommon for people to file for unemployment just so they can get the money they need for groceries, rent and other necessities. The government doesn’t look too kindly upon people they’ve accused of unemployment fraud, so if you find yourself in that situation, you’re going to need to talk to an attorney right away.

Unemployment Fraud: It’s More Common than You Think

Many people who commit unemployment fraud don’t even know they’re doing anything wrong. However, the laws are clear: if you’re bringing in any type of income, you’re supposed to let the government know. That means if you work “under the table” and are paid cash but still collect unemployment benefits, you could be guilty of unemployment fraud.

What to Do if You’re Accused of Unemployment Fraud

It seems like a recurring theme, but it’s the right way to do things: any time you’re accused of something, whether or not you actually did it, you should talk to an attorney who can protect your rights. Because unemployment fraud is actually a crime, your lawyer will need to build a defense strategy to prove that you didn’t intentionally cheat the system and take benefits you were not entitled to receive.

If you can, gather any documentation that proves you did not defraud the government. You might need to show that you were actively looking for work while you collected unemployment, or that you didn’t bring in any income during that period; your attorney will walk you through the types of things that can help you prove your innocence.

Unemployment Fraud Convictions

People who are convicted of unemployment fraud may have to pay the money back, pay additional fines, or even spend time in jail. If you’re convicted of another crime, such as petty larceny or grand larceny, the penalties are far more serious. That’s why most people who have been accused of unemployment fraud in Brooklyn choose to work with an aggressive lawyer who will fight hard to ensure that things don’t spiral out of control.