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11 Oct Regarding DWI, what’s the benefit to not blowing the breathalyzer than taking the consequences of not blowing as opposed to being drunk and actually blowing it in to the breathalyzer, why is better not to blow and take that consequence?

Well if first things first, if you were not drinking and you don’t believe that you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I suggest that you do consent to the breathalyzer. However, most of the time you probably have a drink or two and...

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09 Oct Illegal Police Searches – Can They Get Away with That

If you’re left scratching your head and wondering, “How can they get away with that?” after having your body or your property searched for drugs, you’re not alone.New York laws on police searches can be pretty confusing, and it’s up to your lawyer to find...

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09 Oct What You Need to Know about Arraignment

When you’re accused of a crime, you have the right to know why you’re being accused and you have a right to say whether or not you’re guilty of committing it. If you’ve had time to find a lawyer, make sure he knows what charges...

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09 Oct Things You Need to Know about a Desk Appearance Ticket

If you have a Desk Appearance Ticket, or DAT, your situation is pretty serious – but many people who get them don’t understand the full implication. After all, it’s just a slip of paper… right? 3 Things You Need to Know about Your Desk Appearance Ticket When...

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09 Oct What to Do When Your Spouse Accuses You of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an incredibly serious crime with harsh penalties in the state of New York, and our laws are designed to protect victims who cannot protect themselves. But what happens when your spouse falsely accuses you of domestic violence for his or her own...

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